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  1. Hey everyone! I’m wondering if anyone in the class of 2022 has received their logins for passport York or their Osgoode emails? As the first day of class approaches, I can’t help but feel a little anxious about it!
  2. I got in off of the waitlist today! Stats: 3.65 cGPA with strong upward trend. 165 LSAT Decent LORs Good EC’s. Best of luck to those who are still waiting!
  3. Hi Ryn, I’m wondering if you know roughly how many waitlist spots have opened up in the past?
  4. Man do I relate to that! The waiting is difficult, and being on the waitlist is maybe more frustrating than a flat-out rejection... That’s life I guess!
  5. Waitlisted. OASIS updated today at some time before 11am, but it says the decision was made as of April 15th. LSAT: 165 cGPA: 3.61 B2/L2: 3.80 I’m not sure if being on the waitlist is a good thing or bad thing... Or maybe just a neutral thing. Fingers crossed I guess!
  6. If you want to reference your numbers against mine, I got waitlisted today with a 3.61cGPA, 3.81 L2/B2 and a 165 LSAT. However, numbers aren’t everything, as many people have already gotten in over me with lower stats across the board! So... I guess it’s hard to tell! Best of luck!
  7. In queue since November 13th (day my application was received). 3.61 cGPA (OLSAS) 3.80B2 165 LSAT So much stress, so few answers. ☹️
  8. Hi Ryn, This is yet another “chances” question. I have a 3.61 cGPA from the University of Toronto with a very strong upward trend, an LSAT score of 165, and good volunteer work. I am starting to get pretty stressed out about not receiving an offer of admission. At this point in the acceptance cycle, how do my chances look in your professional opinion? Thank you! EDIT: Also, I have been in the queue since November 15th, the date on which my application was received.
  9. Late to post... But better late than never. Accepted in early January: cGPA: 3.61.... (not sure my L2, but I had a strong upward trend in my grades) LSAT: 163 (sep); 165 (nov) Strong ECs, and a good personal statement. Best of luck to all of those who are still waiting!
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