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  1. I paid my deposit online with my bank and my student centre says I owe $500.00. On the course enrolment page I don’t have access. Does anyone know if I’ll have access tomorrow when registration opens ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Question for previous French Common Law students: Does anyone have reviews on these professors? Course: Délits civils 1. François Larocque 2. Yan Zawisza 3. Denis Boivin Course: Compétences et habiletés juridiques A: Anne Levesque B: Louise Bélanger-Hardy C. Stéphane Émard-Chabot
  3. For french common law students : do we know why the thematic course is only for English JD? The email I received today regarding enrolment states we will be picking our small groups and thematic (English JD only)...
  4. July 2 for all. I am leaning towards PDC or JD/MBA.
  5. Do you mind me asking what level of French you have or where you learned French? Congratulations!
  6. I was asked to write the French competency test. Hoping that’s a good sign. Wondering if there’s a cutoff score.
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