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  1. Thank you so much for this! Can you point me in the direction of those online resources?
  2. I’m thinking about doing the same. Could honestly care less if I get accepted into UAlberta at this point.
  3. Hey everyone, I am curious to know about the feasibility of ‘going out on your own’ (i.e, starting a law firm) 2-3 years after articling? What practice areas would be most conducive to being able to go independent so soon? Does the practice area even matter? Is starting your own law firm a couple years after articling a mere pipe dream or can it/is it done often?
  4. Hey everyone, I will be attending Robson Hall as a 1L this September. I’m curious to know about two 1L courses: Legal Methods and Legal Systems. What do these two courses entail? To what extent do they match up with a Legal Research and Writing course typical at other law schools. Thank you 😀
  5. Great question! I’d love to hear people’s answers as well.
  6. This reminds me of a similar question I have regarding a tax avoidance/estate planning/asset protection practice. Would such a practice be confined to the major Canadian cities (I.e., Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary)? Would other fairly large (mid tier) cities like Edmonton, Winnipeg, etc. have a decent market for such services?
  7. Advanced calculus on the part of the accountant or the lawyer? What would a lawyer practicing tax avoidance for their clients do exactly?
  8. Hey everyone, I'm curious to know how relevant math skills are for the practice of tax law (tax litigation and/or tax planning). Tax law is a field that could potentially interest me going forward, but I feel that my arts background might limit my ability to succeed in this particular area of the law. If one doesn't have a business or economics degree, how would this impact one's chances for succeeding in tax law courses in law school and successfully practicing tax law as a lawyer? Is a business/economics/accounting background a necessary condition for the practice of tax law?
  9. I was offered the waitlist first, didn’t respond to it as I don’t plan on attending, and then was given a class acceptance the next day.
  10. Accepted today. Not sure what my best two is. I most likely will be declining the offer. L60 - 3.64 LSAT - 158
  11. Would you concur with Mal’s response that Edmonton (possibly even Calgary) firms would look at all prairie law schools the same?
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