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  1. I'm in Alberta, so are we talking about a different situation over here than in Ontario regarding landlord/tenant? I'm really just trying to get an understanding of the different fields within real estate practice as a whole. There must be more than just transactional and ME work. As an example from my 1L property class, would a solo/small-time practitioner ever take on an chattel v. fixture issues arising from a prior transaction?
  2. I'm confused. How can a paralegal represent a party in court? I was always assumed that paralegals operate under a lawyer, not independently.
  3. One more question: is landlord/tenant conducive to a solo or small practice?
  4. I was doing some reading last night and stumbled upon landlord/tenant law. How much would you guys say this relates to traditional real estate work? Can it be combined with a solicitor practice?
  5. A law library is crucial to the study (and practice) of the law so I doubt that its going to be closed. The fact that they are closing libraries due to budget cuts is pretty brutal though.
  6. Wow... Hopefully this doesn't spread to the faculty of law.
  7. The idea that the law library is closed due to budget cuts seems a little extreme. Have other libraries closed because of budget cuts?
  8. UAlberta appears to be getting slightly more competitive year after year actually. I remember when I was in undergrad they had an entering class profile with a average GPA at 3.6 and an LSAT 159/160 (somewhere in that ball park). Good news could come from COVID, however. My guess is that a fair amount of accepted applicants might decide to wait a year in order to avoid online classes. Online law classes are not fun.
  9. I am set to take Real Estate Transactions in the Winter semester so that's good news. Thanks for the input BringBackCrunchBerries!
  10. Not trying to discourage anyone here, but I can confirm that UAlberta's waitlist doesn't move much (at least from my experience last year). I only remember a couple people (literally one or two posters) getting accepted off the waitlist . My suggestion is that everyone waitlisted at UAlberta should make plans to study somewhere else and let a possible acceptance from UAlberta come as a pleasant surprise. They kept people waiting until the start of classes last year... Note for context: I failed to gain acceptance off the waitlist last year, but was accepted this year as an upper year transfer student.
  11. This. Going into 1L last year I thought statements like these were meant as jokes. If you like to drink and can handle your alcohol, study all day and drink at night. Two glasses of red wine before class got me through contracts and I learnt quite a bit.
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have my schedule set to take as many property-related courses as I possibly can. I am curious about mortgages but can't seem to find a course related to mortgages. Are they usually hit and miss? Can anyone point me in the direction of some solid online resources?
  13. Excuse the noobie question here, but in what capacities other than a mere transaction will a small/sole solicitor deal with private mortgages? Do lawyers play an integral role in the construction of private mortgages?
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