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  1. Does anyone have any idea of when, and if, they'll start pulling from the waitlist? I haven't spoken to admissions since receiving the email about the waitlist.
  2. I haven't heard anything back yet. Anyone else heard from admissions?
  3. I was going to ask this as well. Those are odd numbers for the waitlist. People were accepted with those stats before and during the March offers.
  4. Thanks for all the quality responses everyone!
  5. Couldn’t agree more with your last statement.
  6. Perhaps this is a silly question, but what exactly do you mean by ‘cash clients’? I’ve never heard of that term before. Could a transactional real estate practice fit the bill for an area that attracts such clients? What practice areas tend to attract cash clients more than others? Thanks for the feedback btw. It’s greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the constructive reply All I’m really asking is which practice areas tend to be better compensated relative to the legal field as a whole. I’m not asking which practice areas will make me rich five years after graduation lol, regardless of my skill practicing that particular area of law. I understand that such a question is ridiculous. We all know that different areas of an engineering practice, on average, net different levels of compensation. My question is simply applying this type of thought to the legal field: which legal practice areas tend to compensate the best? I’m sure this is a question most incoming law students ponder over the spring/summer prior to 1L.
  8. Hey everyone, I'll be starting Law School in the Fall and have found myself curious about lucrative legal practices outside of BigLaw. I'm not attempting to pin down the specific area of law I'd like to practice; rather, I am trying to get an understanding of which practice areas generally pay well relative to the legal field as a whole. We all know that BigLaw pays well, but I'd like to know about legal practices outside of BigLaw. Plaintiff side PI? Real Estate? Wills and Estates? What does everyone think?
  9. Does U of M place well on Bay Street and other major BigLaw markets in Canada? I've spotted quite a few U of M grads on the websites of the Seven Sisters. I am just not sure how exactly I ought to interpret that. Is Bay Street a serious possibility with a U of M JD and stellar grades?
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