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  1. Thank you! This is exactly what I was asking for!
  2. I’m really just asking about the distinction between a barrister practice and a solicitor practice in real estate. I’m trying to conceptulize it in my mind. I was also curious to know if real estate solicitor work involves other areas besides the transaction. What I have so far is as follows: solicitors work to process the transaction between the buyer and the seller. barristers work to represent a client and their claim/defense in a real estate dispute.
  3. Thank you. This probably sounds fairly simple, but it’s accurate to say that real estate litigation is centered on disputes between different parties pertaining to real estate? Can anyone else provide a similar overview of real estate solicitor work?
  4. I have one more question related to real estate practice. Can anyone provide an overview of both a solicitor practice and a barrister practice in real estate? Does the solicitor mainly facilitate the transaction in regards to transferring funds, titles, mortgage contracts, etc? What does the barrister side of things entail? Real estate disputes? Mortgage enforcement litigation? Thanks again for all the great responses!
  5. I read that studying commercial outlines prior to 1L can help because they can enable one to take practice exams earlier, and as such, increase the chances of one scoring higher on exams come exam time. I’m not entirely sure what I think of this idea. It seems silly that someone could teach themselves the law to the extent that they could start taking practice exams in the first month of law school (which is what the fellow who teaches this idea says a student ought to do). Either way, I honestly would just like a decent and accurate outline as a supplemental resource to read during school.
  6. How long are the outlines provided by the Irwin series? Short or long summary?
  7. Does anyone know where one can buy decent commercial outlines (say, a Canadian version of Emanuel law outlines) for 1L foundational courses? Thank you
  8. I truly respect this response. Thank you. The retail/institutional distinction helps.
  9. I believe there was a response suggesting that PI could work well for a sole practitioner, but it also stated that PI sole has its downsides when starting out (i.e, building a reputation right out of the gate, getting the necessary volume when there are already so many reputable PI lawyers, issues relating to being paid via contingency fee, etc). I’m not all that interested in an excessive litigation practice anyways, although I assume that could change as law school progresses. I’m more interested in transactional work (real estate, wills and estates) and negotiation (family law). I should state that I’m not opposed to litigation. I’d just like my practice to be more transaction/negotaiation heavy. I guess the answer I’m trying to get at is: what transaction/negotaiation heavy practices are ideal for a sole practitioner?
  10. Could you list those practice areas so I could have more of an idea of what is conducive to solo practice and what isn’t? So far, I’m getting family law as very conducive. Criminal/PI as well, although there are certain disadvantages in regards getting your name out and building a positive reputation. I’m curious about real estate and wills/estates law.
  11. Would you guys say that family law is one of the most ideal practice areas for going solo?
  12. This might seem like a silly question, but what kind of fraud are we talking about here? Mortgage fraud? People falsifying income/assets/liabilities to get a higher mortgage loan?
  13. Thanks for the responses everyone. I have been told that a real estate practice ought to be supplemented with another core practice (say wills and estate or family law) because of the sheer numbers of real estate lawyers and associated issues with volume. Would you conclude that family law is an ideal practice area for going solo?
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