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  1. What are your numbers? There are a bunch of us on here waiting as well.
  2. if you calculate using 22, I would say that it's definitely possible you could get in with a 237. If you are getting a 237 index score with the 22.5 formula, then I would say you are more likely to be wait listed (I would retake the LSAT if you are hellbent on law school in this scenario).
  3. Are you referring to the 22 or the 22.5 formula? Which one do you think they are most likely using?
  4. Hopefully i'll be having a big ol glass of wine soon as well
  5. Do you have any idea of what index score they are at right now? Based on the acceptance thread?
  6. They only accepted up to December last year. And I'm fairly certain that has been the norm for the past couple years. What happened this year was that LSAC decided to schedule an LSAT writing on the 26th of January. Since UAlberta claims that January is the latest date by which they'll accept an LSAT write for the incoming class of that year, they had to take it. I did my Undergrad at UAlberta and everytime I spoke to the admissions director as a prospective student it always seemed that December was really the last LSAT write they would take, since the following exam would usually take place in February -- well after their January deadline.
  7. "LSAT Averaged, with XXX.5 rounded´╗┐ up" Then what's up with this? I'm confused. How do I know if my LSAT mark will be rounded up or not?
  8. Does anyone know how I'd find out my LSAT to the specific decimal point? All I can see on LSAC is a straight 158.
  9. I just scanned the UAlberta Faculty of Law website and it seems that, based on the info provided, the first round offers have not stopped. The website claims that the second round doesn't begin until the start of April. For the 2019 year, it says that first round offers keep going until March 31st. https://www.ualberta.ca/law/programs/juris-doctor/admissions This is a good sign for those of us still waiting. Best of luck guys!
  10. Anyone else with an opinion on my chances? Not trying to be a pain here, but I'd like to get as many opinions as possible.
  11. Any other people with input on my chances? I wish everyone the best!
  12. The variation between a 3.1 and a 3.8 is too high. You ought to be more specific if you want feedback you can rely upon. I'm with you when it comes to waiting. Not a fun experience.
  13. Thanks for the positive input. Definitely makes me feel better. I've been getting pretty anxious with not hearing anything back from admissions.
  14. Yes. I was told this over the phone less than a week ago and it came from Laura herself. The January LSAT has really put them back I guess.
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