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  1. waitlisted today LSAT: 156 CGPA: 3.6 Last 2: 3.7 or 3.8 ish worked part time all of undergrad, good EC's and letters of recommendation
  2. My status went from "pending review" to "Still to be considered" anyone else got this?
  3. I mean anything interesting at UOttawa law in particular to get involved in during law school not before, my bad!
  4. UOttawa current students or grads, what ECs do you recommend getting involved in during law school? Your responses are appreciated!
  5. How hard do you think it would be to have a part time serving job in 1L? Served/bartended all trough university, did my undergrad at U of T. Do you think its possible to balance it with law school, one or two days a week? specifically wondering for the experience of those from UOttawa but people from other schools welcome to leave their thoughts too
  6. No i studied all summer but I rarely did full length tests. it was just my first official lsat!
  7. Okay so here are my stats: LSAT: 156 on my first and only try. UNDERGRAD: Political science at U of T CGPA: 3.55 (mostly all 80's or above with a few 70's from first year weighing it down) Last 2 years: 3.8 Good PS, good but not amazing EC's and worked part time. I have been accepted to u ottawa and have not heard from any other schools yet BUT I am contemplating doing a masters (at york) and reapplying after I rewrite the LSAT. What are my chances of getting into other schools in Ontario (Windsor, Osgoode, Queens and Western)? Should I accept Ottawa or do the masters and reapply? Not sure what kind of law I want to do but really big on keeping my options open, also lowkey don't want to leave Toronto
  8. LSAT: 156 (only 1 try) CGPA: 3.55 LAST 2 years: 3.8 good personal statement, good EC's, worked part time. only heard from ottawa so far (accepted)
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