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  1. @easttowest, do you have any advice on how to do well in Prof Backhouse’s class? This grade is pretty pivotal for me and I’m nervous about it. Thanks 🙂
  2. Bell Baker sent emails this morning. Anyone hear from DOJ or CRTC? 🤞
  3. Has anyone heard back from Ottawa firms & gov depts yet?
  4. I was just as taken aback; just Oshawa for me so far.
  5. Hey everyone, Thought I'd kick this thread off. MAG Crown office in Oshawa made calls today.
  6. @poshspice congratulations, you're killing it!! May I DM you about the application process? it's my dream to clerk at the FCA. Thanks
  7. Anyone hear from DOJ - Aboriginal Affairs post-OCI?
  8. Sadly I have no advice for you as I'm just a 2L, but I wanted to wish you good luck! And if possible, I'd love to follow your clerkship journey. Full disclosure: I'm also considering applying next year.
  9. Hi everyone, I hope this post is allowed, please let me know if it isn't. I'm renting out a luxury penthouse condo on Besserer St starting from May 1st. It's a one bedroom condo that's great for 1-2 people (i.e., couples and even close friends who split the living room into a second bedroom). It comes unfurnished. The condo is a 5 minute walk away from the University of Ottawa's campus and the downtown bus station; it's also one street over from Metro, LCBO, the market (aka Ottawa's night life), and the Rideau Centre. It comes with a secure underground parking space plus visitor's parking, a storage locker, a salt-water pool, a sauna, en-suite laundry, and a gym. The rent is $1,950 a month, with all utilities included (minus cable/internet). If you would like to see photos or to come view it in person, please PM me! Thanks
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