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  1. @BlockedQuebecois you mentioned following a colour-coded highlighter method for the barristers. Do you remember your system? And for everyone who bound their materials by section, did you bind your whole index as 1 separate binding, with tabs? thanks all
  2. This is really surprising. Anecdotally, I had friends invited to interview with the Dean and then rejected “despite great interviews, because they fell under the 8.0 cutoff.” I really don’t understand that process anymore...
  3. Welp, that’s anticlimactic. Especially with Dean’s recommendation cutoffs. Thanks for letting me know @easttowest
  4. Hi all, I’m curious if any English JD grads who graduated with magna cum laude honours received any letter or award. It’ll be my first time hitting 8.0 and I’m curious what’s on the other side. Thanks!
  5. @easttowest, do you have any advice on how to do well in Prof Backhouse’s class? This grade is pretty pivotal for me and I’m nervous about it. Thanks 🙂
  6. Bell Baker sent emails this morning. Anyone hear from DOJ or CRTC? 🤞
  7. Has anyone heard back from Ottawa firms & gov depts yet?
  8. I was just as taken aback; just Oshawa for me so far.
  9. Hey everyone, Thought I'd kick this thread off. MAG Crown office in Oshawa made calls today.
  10. @poshspice congratulations, you're killing it!! May I DM you about the application process? it's my dream to clerk at the FCA. Thanks
  11. Anyone hear from DOJ - Aboriginal Affairs post-OCI?
  12. Sadly I have no advice for you as I'm just a 2L, but I wanted to wish you good luck! And if possible, I'd love to follow your clerkship journey. Full disclosure: I'm also considering applying next year.
  13. Hi everyone, I hope this post is allowed, please let me know if it isn't. I'm renting out a luxury penthouse condo on Besserer St starting from May 1st. It's a one bedroom condo that's great for 1-2 people (i.e., couples and even close friends who split the living room into a second bedroom). It comes unfurnished. The condo is a 5 minute walk away from the University of Ottawa's campus and the downtown bus station; it's also one street over from Metro, LCBO, the market (aka Ottawa's night life), and the Rideau Centre. It comes with a secure underground parking space plus visitor's parking, a storage locker, a salt-water pool, a sauna, en-suite laundry, and a gym. The rent is $1,950 a month, with all utilities included (minus cable/internet). If you would like to see photos or to come view it in person, please PM me! Thanks
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