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  1. I spoke to the CDO office and they said it would be very unlikely to have an affect on your application especially if you indicate your ties to the respective city you are applying to. In my opinion this makes sense. You may have grown up/have family in Vancouver; however, may have lived in Toronto for most of your adult life. In such circumstances, you would be open to moving to either city, especially given the competitiveness of the job market.
  2. Do they want you to clarify this in your cover letter?
  3. Hey Everyone, Im planning on applying to several national firms in both their Toronto and Vancouver offices. I have connections to both cities, however, I heard this can have an impact on whether I receive an OCI or not as it raises “red flags”. I was wondering if anyone has some input on this, specially from upper year students! thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, Once we’ve received our acceptance, where do we mail in our official transcript? I can’t seem to find an address in the booklet online or on the website.
  5. I believe it was around 130? Out of the 130 applications they get, they interview 24 applicants for 15 spots. Out of those 15 spots, a maximum of 7 applicants can be from out of province.
  6. Do you guys know if we are supposed to send them our official transcripts now?
  7. Awesome! Good luck everyone! Please update us if and when you get an offer!
  8. That is good! Good luck! Did they let you know when decisions were being made. They told me they would have decisions made Sunday night but I haven’t heard anything yet
  9. Hey guys, for those of you that interviewed how did it go? I found that they were a bit a tough in the beginning but opened up towards the end.
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