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  1. The recent reading comprehension sections and LR sections are generally considered to be more difficult than the older ones. Great job getting a 160! Are you planning on rewriting? If nerves and test-day anxiety were your issue, I highly recommend watching: It may not help everyone, but it did help me. Just thinking about the fact that I wasn't forced to be here, but instead here because this is a potential step towards furthering myself professionally (which is pretty exciting) put me in positive head-space.
  2. On my first and only write thus far, I scored a pathetic 159. My study method: I mainly relied on drilling PTs back-to-back. I got accustomed to the different types of questions and really focused in on two things Why I chose the wrong answer What made the correct answer, correct This worked decently for me in terms of understanding logical reasoning and reading comprehension. But it did not work too well for analytical reasoning (logic games), hence my low score. Throughout my PTs, the AR section was generally the only volatile one, and come test-day I ended up with (-10) in AR. Current study method: Realizing that AR is officially my weakest section, I've been taking a new approach in how I prep. I have been using 7Sage's videos and tutorials for tackling Logic Games. I've also given their "Fool Proof Method for a Perfect LG Score" a shot. Though generally still considered self-study, the 7Sage videos on Logic Games have really helped me learn and apply the different techniques to up-ing my efficiency and consistency when it comes to AR. I've since been getting (-0, or -1) in the AR section for PTs and have thus improved my avg score to 165-168. Many say that LSAT prep courses can help you achieve a generally, above average, score. However, if you want to really be the cream of the crop you have to supplement prep courses with copious amounts of self-study. - How your studying helped or inhibited your understanding For the logical reasoning and reading comprehension sections, the key for me was to self-evaluate what made me choose the wrong answer. What held me back was not spending more time on the AR sections and learning the different techniques. Pretty standard, find your weakness and make it your b*tch. - What you did to prepare for your LSAT Self-studied and lots of PrepTests. I am now using 7Sage video explanations for LG section. - Any tips that you can share to help me become better at understanding or doing well on the LSAT is appreciated´╗┐ I am by no means, an expert. Although, what helped me raise my score was understanding that the LSAT is consistent and predictable. So, I became intimately familiar with the different types of questions that popped up all. Hope this helps.
  3. I wanted to echo @Hiddengrotto recommendation to use the OLSAS GPA calculator. That's how law schools in Ontario will view your cGPA. Mine changed a fair amount when I converted to OLSAS.
  4. That's really helpful, thanks! Congrats on getting accepted, that's so exciting! I'm going to be applying in the next cycle and Western is my top choice!
  5. I wanted to know how Western calculates L2's. Is it by the year, is it last 10 credits? If it's simply by last 2 years, does it count semesters in which you didn't have a full course load? The Law School predictor tool most likely didn't calculate my L2 correctly. Which of my grades would go into the L2 category? 5 courses a semester considered a full-course load First year: fall - 5 winter - 4 Second year: fall - 5 winter - 5 Third year: fall - 5 winter - 4 Fourth year: fall - 5 winter - 5 Fifth year: (to finish up the courses I was missing) fall - 3 Sorry if it's already been asked before!
  6. Do you mind me asking what your cGPA was?
  7. Hi, Long time lurker and considering going to law school. Not sure if I'd be able to get in with these stats, please let me know what you think! cGPA: 3.4 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 159 Really good ECs I am confident I can up my LSAT score to at least a 162. Should I rewrite? Thanks in advance!
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