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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for all of the feedback. I signed back on the site only today and just noticed the comments. Everyone is totally hitting the nail on the head. I think people are right that my interests are scattered, vague, and don't seem genuine. It's mostly because these are interests I've only kind of decided I had after taking a class on the subject, finding it interesting, and being like, "hey, I could probably do this for a career". I guess I figured it's a good thing to be open minded when searching for a job. I see now that maybe, had I tried to join a club or two, I could have narrowed things down, while showing employers that I actually do have interests. I always blamed my lack of extracurriculars on the fact that I was working in 1L, but honestly, I didn't work during 2L, so it's kind of bullshit. I have a lot of social anxiety that I think I need to address. I will do things like presentations and the like if I have to (i.e. obviously recognize that I will likely have to do some sort of public speaking during my career) but I will never pursue those opportunities voluntarily. This has stopped me from things like trying out for exec teams on clubs ("ugh, I really don't want to have to give a 2 minute speech and have no one vote for me") and trying out for moots ("how could I compete?"). I think I should probably talk to someone. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hi all, I know frantic law students post about this time and time again, but I guess I am looking for a bit more personal and current insight. I'm meeting with career services at school next week, but just need to unleash my growing anxiety somehow beforehand as it feels as though I am having a mild mental breakdown. Recently went through the 2L Ottawa Recruit. I applied to around 15 places (I think there were around 20 to apply to, but couldn't apply to any firms requiring a bilingual student), had 9 OCIs and 1 non-oci in-firm. After OCI's I got 2 more in-firms for a total of 3. Unfortunately, as the title states, I didn't end up with an offer. I totally understand that OCIs are kind of a crap-shoot, and I keep telling myself that I did my best and the lack of a call does not reflect on my abilities, but it's just not connecting. I cannot stop crying. I'm in the top 10% of my class, nothing lower than a B+, but I have no extracurriculars besides some minor volunteer research work for a couple profs. I realize now that I probably made a huge mistake not having any ECs, but I was working during first year and my stupid self thought I could still land a job if I got good enough grades to cancel it out. Now that I am in second year, I'm having a horrible time trying to find ECs to do. My interview skills pre-law school were not great, and although I feel like I've improved a ton, I definitely do find that I have a hard time selling myself during the informal interviews big law firms tend to give as I'm naturally sort of a quiet/humble person. I thought I had developed a good rapport with my in-firm interviewers, but evidently, maybe not. Or maybe I did and the lack of ECs was a killer? I went to law school because I have a science background and totally thought IP law was a pretty realistic possibility. The reality was that it wasn't, or at least isn't for big-law firms, because I only have a bachelors, and it's in chem, not engineering. Luckily I love all my other classes and find other areas of law interesting, but I definitely did not expect to be struggling this much, so maybe part of this is just me not properly managing my expectations. I'd like to stay in Ottawa if I can as I have a partner here and am pretty well settled. But if you guys think I have little chance of finding an Ottawa job and should be looking elsewhere, please let me know. As for my interests... I love health law, but also into IP, employment law, immigration, civil lit, maaaaybe crim. But I'm honestly just desperate for experience and will work anywhere. So, questions: 1. Does anyone with knowledge of the ottawa legal market know whether 2L jobs will still pop up post-OCI? 2. Should I cold email/call that didn't participate in OCIs to see if they are hiring? From what I hear, a lot of firms in Ottawa don't have the resources to hire summer students and usually just hire articling students....so I don't know if it's just annoying/pointless for me to be sending in my resume and asking. I figure it's worth a shot, but let me know. 3. Should I be panicked? Or do I need to calm the hell down? 4. Does anyone have any ideas on how to buff my resume EC wise this late in the game?
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