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  1. Hi guys, just wanted to ask if you guys have any info on this: I picked my small group course and thematic course like 3 days ago and i thought by now I would be able to see all the other classes or do I have to do something else? Any info would be appreciated!
  2. TY, and I was waitlisted on june 27 or the 28 i cant remember precisely lol
  3. i just randomly checked my status after viewing this thread lol
  4. admitted today in the afternoon! 3.7 150 LSAT crying tears of joy right now
  5. what a shitshow this really is...
  6. waitlisted 3.7 GPA 150 LSAT
  7. rejected today morning GPA:3.7 Lsat 150
  8. all i've been hearing is general and vague responses.. very disappointed
  9. sending positive vibes to you! hopefully it turns out different this year!
  10. this makes me feel like im on MTV's Punk'd..
  11. rejected, CGPA 3.7 L2 3.75ish LSAT 150
  12. i have no idea but this year they're very behind..
  13. Hi, this is just a side question: i am also an applicant to uottawa and was wondering when you were waitlisted? like Lindsn mentioned though, at this point you just have to wait it out and see where the chips fall (hopefully in your favour). all the best!
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