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  1. received as well, but still under evaluation
  2. yeah! im a splitter so I get why I haven't heard back but man this is slowly making me frustrated as each day goes by. CGPA: 3.7 L2: 3.76 LSAT: 152
  3. man this waiting game sucks.. still haven't heard from Osgoode, Windsor, Western, Ottawa, Queens
  4. im assuming @NeverGiveUp thought that the tuesday that passed 2 days ago was the March 19 Tuesday lol
  5. does your status say "Under Evaluation" ?
  6. went into queue March 5, filled part B
  7. hey, do you remember what your status was prior to pending? my status says 'complete' since forever... and im wondering if they've already reviewed my file or not.
  8. Hey guys, I'm wondering if you guys know what it means for your application when it says 'complete' beside status. Prior to this it was 'Pending review'. Any help is appreciated. (this is for the single JD btw.)
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