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  1. Cegep applicant here. Accepted two weeks ago after my cegep interview!!!! Stats: 37.5 R-score Great ECs Two solid letters (I think) Personal statement mediocre at best(but who am I to judge?) Fully quadrilingual. 😁
  2. I don't think so, Sorry to say, but if you are not yet called for an interview your acceptance chances are pretty low.
  3. Congrats!!!! Can you explain how you undrestood that you were the last person called for an interview?
  4. Would you mind sharing your stats?
  5. it's written on the website that most interviews will take place between march and april. That being said I think if they wanted to call anyone for an interview they would already have done so. Sad but don't loose hope; we are in the same situation.
  6. Thank you. Just can I ask you how you know that the next round of interviews is late April?
  7. Thanks for your reply, hope you will be accepted
  8. Not yet. I am still ready for review
  9. I'm in the exact position as you. I'm still ready for review and I have still noy received any calls. My stats: r score 34.8 Great ECS OK ps Great LofRs
  10. Can I ask your stats? ( côté R, ps, extracurriculars
  11. congrats for the interview ! it's a good sign. Would you mind sharing your stats? (R score- extracurriculars-Ps) What did they tell you about the interview and how will you prepare for it?
  12. Did you get your interview? How was it?
  13. Bonjour fellow cegep students, Has anyone received a decision(refused, called for interview) from Mcgill? If anyone is refused or called for an interview or still waiting, please post your admission stats under this tread. Merci
  14. Congrats, I'm also a cegep applicant Can I ask about your stats, ecs and personal statement? Did they tell if you should have legal knowledge?
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