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  1. Someone just got in with a 72.4 off the MB Residents waitlist. Offer was made on August 2. So totally within the realm of possibility!
  2. Are you lurking on this thread almost constantly too Waitlist? I have been haha.
  3. I guess this is an opinion thing, but 75,000 dollars is a crushing amount of debt. Good luck buying a house until that's paid off. It's just really limiting, I think, having that much debt to contend with early on in life. All the young lawyers I know that I would say are making average amounts complain about their debt all the time (between 50-100k), don't own homes, and I think feel huge amounts of stress.
  4. 4.3 CGPA 149 LSAT Tried applying without a full degree (half done) --no dice. I know schools make it an option to apply with less than 90 credit hours, but I wonder how likely admittance is in those cases.
  5. Any idea how many total are on the waitlist?
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