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  1. @Dill3377 nice to see a low cgpa getting in, congrats and goodluck!! @Toad thanks for the insight on the schools. UofA is out cause I got a whomping 147 on my first go 👍. my considerations are UofC, Robson, Windsor and maybe NB. good luck with the rest of your studies!!
  2. I just finished my fourth year of my undergrad and have one year left before I graduate. I had a horrible first 2 years, like I'm talking should have just dropped the courses wtf were you thinking bad, and although my gpa for my last 2 years is ~ 3.5/4.5, my cgpa is at a 2.5 right now. I know sometimes a high lsat can pick up the slack of a lower gpa and I will be re-writing the lsat in september, but I was wondering, even with schools that do a holistic approach/look at L2 (which are the only schools I will be applying to in the fall), has my cgpa tarnished any chance I have? any insight/sad truths will be greatly appreciated
  3. Really appreciate all the advice!! Thank y’all very much
  4. @RGoodfellowI worked through the kaplan book for my first test, and then used the khan academy online prep program as well! I've worked through the practice tests of 71 and up, and I was scoring mid-high 150's for the tests especially leading up to the test. @SlickRick @ConcernedApplicant I got 147 my first try and then 149 my second, which I was disappointed because as I stated above I was scoring higher in practice. I'm wanting to get at least a 160, and from posts I have seen on here it has been done. I have improved my timing on sections being able to complete or almost complete each section. just not sure what is not clicking, and want to change my approach to how I'm studying. I struggle with RC, and my best section is LG where I score usually 20-23/23, LR is moderate but I would like to improve since it is marked twice I definitely felt burnt out a couple weeks before the test, and thats one of the reasons I want to give myself a bit of time before I start to prep again
  5. hey guys, I just took the LSAT in January and didn't get the score I wanted/needed and I'm planning on writing it again in September. I'm wanting to apply to schools this upcoming fall. my first two years of undergrad aren't that amazing, so I'm aiming at schools that do drops or look at L2 like robson, U of C, Uvic, therefore I want a good, competitive lsat score to help pick up the slack Does anyone have any good study tips? or have taken online courses like 7sage, lsatmax, and your experience with it? all comments are appreciated, thanks!! :)
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