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  1. did they give you any insight about your application? I'm in the same boat and wondering if I should bother emailing them
  2. Me 😔 wondering if I should bother calling since from what others have said they’re just behind
  3. “Offers are made to applicants, regardless of category, who meet the set Early Offer score after Fall 2019 Term grades and/or November 2019 and January 2020 LSAT scores are available.” I meant to add this with my previous post, seems like they are considering January for early offers!
  4. “Early Offer score is set in mid to late January. To qualify, an applicant must have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours and have written the LSAT by November 2019. All applicants who meet this criteria, regardless of application category, are automatically considered.“ From their application bulletin 🤕 we’re in for a bit of a wait still
  5. I thought this too when I initially tried to sign in but it's not under the graduate sign in it's still under the uwinsite student log in
  6. @futurefamilylawyer23 I log onto uWinsite Student and there’s 3 tabs - admissions, profile and financial aid task and on the admissions tabs it says 1 active application and i can click on it to view my status and to do! Not sure where you are signing in but this is the URL i use http://www.uwindsor.ca/registrar/uwinsite-student And
  7. still incomplete with 7 things on my to-do list! I'll also be submitting an updated transcript when fall grades are in.
  8. Hmm weird but a little refreshing knowing I’m not the only one! @lawschoolhopeful6 You’re right maybe it doesn’t matter, I did see on LSAC that reports were sent to the schools I applied to plus OLSAS! Just not sure if it’s normal, but rather just a bit annoying I guess 😂
  9. bringing this back up - OLSAS still says no information available for my LSAT, I wrote in september and lsat writing is long approved and I'm not signed up for any future test dates Is this like this for anyone else? or should I consider contacting OLSAS
  10. mine was showing earlier and now gone as well! anyone else's LSAT score still not showing up?
  11. OLSAS says you must send in a new transcript for Fall courses if you're currently enrolled, so just curious if anyone knows if Ontario schools wait to assess you application until that transcript is submitted?
  12. I received a purchase receipt after I submitted on Oct. 30, but if it says you paid under the OUAC financial account tab then I would not worry too much about it. Could also take some time to process if you applied the Friday after business hours Good luck!
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