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  1. where do you see this on your LSAC account? idk where to find it πŸ˜…
  2. To give you some insight about the timeline it took for them to review and approve my writing sample, I did mine on october 8th and it got approved on october 16th. While I was waiting for a status update it would just say "review pending" or something along those lines. I also got an email when it was approved. I wrote mine in a study room at my university, there were multiple chairs in the room, a window in front of me, a white board behind me and some signs on the walls and I forgot to show my sheet of paper until the end of my session and everything turned out fine for me. Hope this helps a bit and goodluck!
  3. from their website I believe that if you attended a school within Ontario you have to request it through OLSAS application but if you're out of province like me and @lawschoolhopeful6 you have to get your school to send it to OLSAS's office directly from your institution
  4. @lawschoolhopeful6 kk good to know! wasn't sure how that worked hence my original question, thanks!
  5. for the possibility they receive my transcript but with no application to attach it to
  6. I'm waiting until I receive my september LSAT mark (given on Oct. 14) to submit my applications, so will likely be submitting them onOctober 15. I was wanting to ask my school in the next few days to send my transcript but should I want until my application is submitted? I want to make sure that all needed documents arrive on time before the deadline!
  7. @lookingaround usually fluctuating in RC and at the second LG I seem to do worse compared to the first one. I find on some days (when I hella fatigued) I am running out of time/rushing towards the end because I don't register what I read the first time πŸ€• I've been doing what @Pete suggested the last few days because as of recently I was doing a lot of PT's since I thought I needed to as my test is approaching quickly, and have found I'm not as miserable/zombie-like and don't want to curl into a ball and cry as much and actually more aware/do better, who would have thought! πŸ˜„ thanks for the replies!
  8. I go from getting 160 one day to a 150 the next. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong to be jumping scores like this. And i don’t think blaming it on being tired/burnt out is a just reason as I know the day of the lsat brings lack of sleep and anxiety. Has anyone experienced this and have any tips to stay more consistent? Slightly discouraging as my test is less than 2 weeks away :(
  9. from their website I took away that they just look at the cgpa but in accepted/rejected threads people are putting in their L2, just looking for some clarification !
  10. I'm starting to brain storm different approaches I could take to writing my personal statement and I was wondering if it's a bad idea to claim that I initially went into uni wanting to do med since I did tri-sci all throughout hs and didn't know much else going into uni etc etc (could also act as an explanation for poor first/second year grades) and then upon taking a different path in uni and developing a love for social sciences/humanities it made me, in short, me realize I wanted to pursue law? another idea I had was talking about how I was an elite athlete at a young age in taekwondo and have made great achievements competitively and how the sport has made me embrace structure, discipline, attention to detail, technicality, and so forth which I feel like law school/being a lawyer somewhat embodies?? any advice would be great as I'm really unsure where to start πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
  11. thanks for all the responses I definitely feel way better about asking/getting a generic one πŸ˜‚
  12. for the schools that I want to apply to that need LORs, it is required that at least one letter is from an academic source. my problem is that I've never spent a lot of time talking with any of my professors except maybe asking a quick question after class... have you encountered something similar and/or have any tips on how to go about asking for a LOR/make it look stronger? I have a good non-academic source for a LOR but it seems like I might have to settle for a generic academic LOR which I'm scared will put me even more at a disadvantage for my application πŸ˜…
  13. @Dill3377 nice to see a low cgpa getting in, congrats and goodluck!! @Toad thanks for the insight on the schools. UofA is out cause I got a whomping 147 on my first go πŸ‘. my considerations are UofC, Robson, Windsor and maybe NB. good luck with the rest of your studies!!
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