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  1. Thank you so much, Toad. I really appreciate that 😊
  2. Thank you so much, both for your advice. I truely appreciate that 😊
  3. Hi everyone, This question is mostly directed to 2Ls, and 3Ls student. How the class attendance are significant in the performance at the end of the year? My knowledge of the exam at law school is limited. But I heard almost always all the exams in law school is spotting problem exams and you need to prepare for it just like you prepare for LSAT. Do we have a resources at uofA to work on previous exams. In addition, does the attendance in the classroom are weighted towards the final marks.I am working full time, so I have to skip afew sessions and particularly first Friday in September for Foundation of Law and I d like to know, if I can make up for those missing sessions by checking notes of others or reading books and relevant materials and also whether the professor keeps tracking on the student attendance. thank you so much!
  4. Hi everyone, I am a 1L student. I was wondering how much we can use technology in our classes. Is there an online site for all the case studies that we can use during our classes or even an eBook version versus purchasing the massive beast looking case books? What 2Ls, 3Ls recommend if they were going back in time to their classes and would have done differently. Also, what about using a recorder in the class to listen to lectures later, and do you recommend Microsoft surface or iPAD or an laptop or conversely traditional pen and paper for taking notes during the class. I am personally all on highlighting and taking little notes on my reading materials. But now, given that I work full time and I continuously travel between school and work, I am sure I will get a serious backache if I have to carry the books with me to the classes every time. Thank you so much for your response in advance!
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has been yet registered by the department for their courses. I thought that in July we will be registered for our courses. thank you!
  6. thank you for your response.
  7. Hi everyone, how do we register for courses for 1L for September? on Beartracks, it says that department administer that. Also, it seems that we need to do a course in Foundation of Law between Sept. 4-12, what days of week? Thank you!
  8. ok, I see. In this case, taking the July LSAT would be only helpful for practicing the internet-based and have the option to cancel it. Thanks so much for your help!
  9. Thanks for your response, TheSakConnection. So, you are saying that within the admission to Fall 2019, there will be multiple cycles that I may have a chance by improving potentially my LSAT to get accepted?
  10. Thank you for your response. I contacted them that if I take the March LSAT again would they consider it for my application and they responded that the January LSAT was the latest LSAT that they consider for this class entry. Secondly, when I checked the July LSAT, they only give the option of the retake for the internet based one, not the written one. And, you don't realize which one you will be until the test date. Do you think based on the response I got from them, I should still take the LSAT for this year admission cycle?
  11. My bear tracks application shows "Application requires an action" due to a request for an updated transcript for my finance postgraduate certificate which I will be completed by the end of July. I explained to the admission office that I am completing two courses now and one in the summer so you won't receive the transcript till mid summer. Also, this is a post-graduate certificate program, I already submitted my undergraduate and my master degrees transcripts. I am wondering why they are not addressing the application "complete". Does this hold them from reviewing my application? I also didn't do well on LSAT-149. but my GPA for my undergrad and grad was really good. What should I do? It seems they received my response and thanked me for explaining to them but they never changed the status on the Beartracks.
  12. Thank you very much, everyone. I appreciate all your feedback. I am anxiously waiting for the result. Good luck to everyone!
  13. Hi everyone, I am a mature applicant for UofA JD 2019 program. I blew up my LSAT when I felt super anxious at the test (149). Luckily I have a high GPA. I am an Engineer with a decade of working experience. I tried to explain this in my application. The statistics for UofA law says the min LSAT was 150, does anyone think I have a chance for this year?
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