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  1. I have one friend who made the switch after working for corporate/securities boutiques until being roughly a 5th or 6th year call. Not sure how much more difficult or easy coming from a legal background made the process, but my friend seems happy.
  2. Maybe I'm just out of the loop, but isn't the NCA designed specifically for people with a foreign degree? How would anyone be eligible t write without any degree?
  3. Not sure about grades required, but I think UVic does just fine in Vancouver OCI recruitment (which includes big firms, medium firms, and boutique firms). FWIW, I'm at a medium sized OCI firm and we've recently hired students and laterals who are from UVic.
  4. This. IMO, law school should be about opening doors for you. Given what you've told us, it sounds like this person is doing everything they can to essentially box you in before you've even started.
  5. Without giving too much away, it's a multinational company. I was pretty surprised!
  6. A senior in-house lawyer told me that attendance to their own Christmas party cost ~$50 per person and included something like one drink ticket.
  7. Different strokes for different folks. Definitely helped me; finished both exams early as well.
  8. Not going to comment on difficulty, but I will say that one thing that helped me was studying my indices. Time spent flipping around is greatly reduced when you are confident in your indices and can quickly find what you're for looking within them. By this I mean that if "X" issue comes up, you know exactly how it is worded in your index so that you aren't spending time hunting around for the proper heading. This helped my stress level during the exams. I also spoke with others following the exams who expressed to me that they wish they'd spent a bit more time studying the indices rather than the outright content. Of course, YMMV depending on your learning style.
  9. Interesting information from everyone regarding new call business development - I stand corrected.
  10. As an Asian who doesn't speak either of those languages (or any Asian language) and who was also asked, I think that having those language skills is a pretty substantial advantage.
  11. My firm does not expect new associates to bring in clients (mid-size firm), and I haven't heard of others in similar positions having to do the same. Of course, this is different than not being expected to do any type of business development, which my firm does expect of new calls.
  12. OP is asking about clerks in a law office, which is different than clerking for a judge.
  13. I wasn't aware that this was a thing either, but I am not surprised.
  14. Taking what OP is saying at face value, this sounds like one of the most exploitative arrangements I've heard of. Get the hell out and best of luck. You deserve better!
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