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  1. ^ I agree. This profession is already tough enough as it is. No one wants to deal with this type of arrogance.
  2. $75k is a lot of money. However, what's "manageable" isn't really something we can answer for you. It depends on many things, like your salary as a student/jr. lawyer, your risk tolerance, the type of lifestyle you're willing to maintain while paying off debt, parental or spousal support, etc.
  3. AFAIK, those firms do not conduct OCIs. I realize OP asked specifically about OCI's. I added that information as an aside. You may very well be right about warm bodies for associate level positions. I never bothered to look there again after speaking with the lawyers I referred to, lol.
  4. Yah, as I said, the bar is pretty low as far as I'm aware. Basically anything coherent and beyond "I dunno" is probably fine. That being said, if you're looking out in the Fraser Valley (Ie. Abbotsford, Chilliwack, etc.) it's very hard to find a job without a connection to the area. I spoke with a few lawyers out there while hunting for articles and they told me that even though they had reasonably strong connections to the area, a good portion of their interview revolved around demonstrating that they would not be a flight risk. That may start to change, however, as those areas continue to grow and demand for lawyers increases due to the insane CoL in Vancouver.
  5. Echoing what other's have said, I don't think having little-no connection to Vancouver is going to be a deal breaker, per se. However, a weaker connection will mean that you need to have reasonable explanation as to why you want to stay here. I don't think the bar is terribly high for such an explanation.
  6. This is completely off topic, but I keep seeing people referring to themselves as "rising" 1L/2L/3Ls. I've seen this used most often with respect to US students. What does this mean??
  7. I suspect that a bump has occurred through much of downtown Vancouver. I'm at a midsize downtown firm and last month we increased both our articling and associate salaries so as to sit slightly below those of national/large regionals.
  8. Argh. I remember when I thought my friend's 1 bedroom suite in Coal Harbour for $1650 was outrageous.
  9. How about a bachelor suite? Finishing up my articles and thinking of making a move to a spot alone.
  10. There will always be someone around you with better grades/experience/connections, you name it. This won't stop in law school, or as a lawyer. The key is to leverage what you have and not get bogged down in what you don't have.
  11. FWIW, I'm finishing up articles at a mid-size firm in a major city center and our "target" (I say this loosely because it really isn't enforced) is 1600. Apart from trials and deal closings, pretty much everyone here seems to lead a fairly balanced life and a number of the partners have young children and seem to be making it work.
  12. Sure, that could work. But again, that's a best case scenario assuming someone a) makes it to Bay or Bay-adjacent, and b) enjoys the wok and firm long enough to stick it out for that period of time in order take advantage of the lockstep.
  13. Almost no one I know cares that I'm in the legal industry and I like it that way. However, I have noticed a small minority of people, usually not friends but general acquaintances, who have taken it upon themselves to ask me for help with traffic ticket or tenancy issues. Notwithstanding that I'm still articling, even when I tell them that these areas form none of the work I'm doing as a student or will do as a lawyer, they still proceed to send me long-winded summaries of their situations. I basically stop reading at that point.
  14. Seconded re: Helen Connop. She is fantastic.
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