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  1. Hard to tell, but unfortunately those LSAT scores are low for pretty much any school. If you don't hear back or decide to defer a year, I'd take a serious third try at the LSAT. With a starting point of 145 I'm confident you could break 160 if you work at it. My guess would be that you'd get in almost anywhere if you could get it into that territory!
  2. Depending on EC's and LOR's I'd guess you'd have very good odds if your LSAT was high 150's +. Unfortunately I don't think your odds are very good with your current LSAT's scores though.
  3. My GPA stats are similar to yours, but my LSAT is higher (164). I haven't gotten any rejections yet and am waiting to hear from most schools I applied to, but I have been accepted to Dalhousie (a top pick for me - still undecided though.) I think your time would be best spent working on your LSAT score. Your L2 is pretty solid, but 153 just isn't a very competitive LSAT score. I would aim to land in the 160s or higher. Sounds like you're capable of doing it!
  4. I received an email from Rose. Account status hasn't updated yet. Still sinking in!
  5. Accepted at 1:15 pm! L2: 3.7 LSAT: 164 Good (I think) PS, average EC's, strong references. Ontario resident. Application finished March 12th!
  6. From what I've seen you may have some odds at a couple of schools, namely those that put more weight on L2 (Western, Queens and Dal are a few that come to mind), if you had a better LSAT score. I agree with @NeverGiveUp 's recommendation of working on your LSAT score, ideally somewhere in the 160's. You can do it!
  7. This is what I suspected, which is why I was specifically wondering about those who have not taken the LSAT before the January 2019 test.
  8. Interesting. Is that the only score you have on your file? Seems things are moving along then. Good to know.
  9. In this case, do you know if schools necessarily wait for your January school? I suspect that if you had a previous score on record that was high enough they would just move ahead, as it seems happened in your case.
  10. Would be nice. My cGPA is 3.07 (bad), L2 is 3.71 and LSAT is 164. Not sure where that places my odds; hopefully in my favour!
  11. Interesting... I've applied to Dal and Western as well. Due to a mailing error Dal didn't get my transcript until just last week, so I'm not surprised to have not heard back from them yet. Western has had my score and complete application since shortly after the Jan score was released though. Bit unsure of how it will go because my cGPA is pretty weak, but L2 and LSAT are pretty solid. How did you do on LSAT?
  12. Just wondering if anyone who took the January LSAT for their first and only LSAT has heard back from any schools yet? I have yet to receive any offers or rejections from any of the schools I have applied to. January LSAT was my first and only. My LSAC account says the schools I applied to received my scores in mid to late February. I'm kinda thinking that I won't hear anything until after the April 1st Ontario deadline, but just wanted to see if anyone has heard back sooner. Thanks!
  13. FWIW mine was uploaded shortly after scores were released. For instance it appears that UofO received my LSAT score on Feb 21st. As for whether OLSAS screwed you, it's hard to know without understanding how the rolling admissions process works at these schools. If your application wasn't considered complete without your score then sadly there probably is a chance that OLSAS did impact your odds of having your application seriously looked at. Again though, really hard to say for certain.
  14. I wasn't (still not really) either, but you've given hope! Congrats again!
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