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  1. I have a very similar cGPA, though my L2 and L3 were quite a bit better (3.7), and a good LSAT (164). I got accepted to Dal, UNB and Ottawa. Definitely have a chance if you ask me!
  2. $75k doesn't seem outrageous or abnormal to me at all for something like law school. If anything I would suspect that most students end up with a higher debt figure than that. Kinda just up to you to decide whether you wanna take that on.
  3. I would guess pretty good for the L2 schools like Western and Queens. I got into uOttawa with lower CGPA and L2 stats than you, but higher LSAT. My impression is that your masters degree won't factor into your chances much, if at all. Less certain for the others.
  4. Maybe, but you might start feeling stuck with the interest payments. I agree with @WannaBeBanker. The problem with this approach is that you'll be accumulating more serviceable debt earlier on; you'll have to start making interest payments earlier on. In addition to that, if you start requesting more access to use even more of those LOC funds in your lower years, you're also going to end up with larger interest payments earlier on. Depending on your financial situation, there is a good chance you'll end up paying significantly more in interest alone, overall, than you might otherwise need to by doing this. If anything, in most cases I'd probably suggest using the LOC as late as possible. Of course that's subject to whatever your other sources of funding are: use the cheapest money first and the most expensive money last.
  5. Not OP but I just made the decision between these schools as an applicant from Ontario. These were my top 2 choices. I was accepted to Dal quite a while back and accepted my offer well before being accepted to Ottawa. I decided to stick with my Dal acceptance. I've really enjoyed being in Halifax for the brief amount of time I have spent there. I have also been really impressed with the administration at Dal, and love the atmosphere on campus. I did my undergraduate in business and really enjoy the subject, so the specialization at Dal was icing on the cake for me (not because I feel it will advance my career in any meaningful way necessarily, but because I think my interest on the subject will positively influence my effort and, consequentially, my grades). I am currently planning to return to Ontario to article / practice but am open to staying in Halifax if the opportunity arises. Thankfully I do have some strong contacts and connections back home. The connections piece was significant to my decision though. If I had no connections or contacts in Ontario and was dead-set on coming back to practice here after my studies, I think the decision would have been a bit harder for me. My impression from the lawyers that I've spoken to in Ontario is that Dal's law school is pretty highly regarded here, but I suspect it would naturally be harder to develop meaningful relationships with lawyers and firms from nearly 1800kms away. Just my $0.02.
  6. No the offer I accepted was Dal, so it didn't affect my Ontario application.
  7. If it makes you feel any better, I'm fairly sure there are still spots out there. I was accepted last Wednesday and formally rejected the offer on Friday. I had already accepted an offer at another school and essentially have everything set up there. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there are other people still under evaluation at Ottawa in the same boat as me. Hang in there!
  8. Accepted today. cGPA 3.17, L2 3.71, LSAT 164. Wasn’t officially waitlisted as far as I can tell. Applied general. Really surprised due to my low cGPA. but I’ve already accepted an offer to Dal, so will be declining. Bit bummed it took so long but oh well!
  9. I believe this is only the cases for applications made through OLSAS. UNB is out of province and shouldn't impact OLSAS applications.
  10. This has the potential to destroy you on the LSAT. You're going to have to try and get over this otherwise there is little to no chance that you'll get through the test on test day. I'm sure you know this though. I agree with the advice given. The best thing I think you can do is run sections and questions under test conditions (~35 minutes / section). I used the Powerscore books and found them helpful, along with the Khan Academy free LSAT study guide. I'd suggest grabbing a couple of the practice test bank books and going through them as well. I'd also suggest writing one test under timed conditions just to get a realistic idea of your starting point.
  11. Accepted today by email. GPA after drops: ~ 3.5 LSAT: 164 Will be declining in favour of Dal or Ottawa.
  12. My impression so far is that reputations amongst law schools here in general isn't quite as simple as it sounds, and certainly doesn't go the same way as it does south of the border. Here's what I've gathered myself (others may have other thoughts or correct me if I'm wrong, of course): By and large there aren't really any bad law schools in Canada. It all sort of just depends where you want to be / what your goals are. UofT and Osgoode may be slight exceptions, but even then I'm not really sure it matters so much in the real world. Nearly every lawyer I've ever met and chatted with has told me two things: If you can get into law school in Canada, that in and of itself is the biggest asset. Once you've been practicing for 5+ years, where you went to school matters very little. I know that doesn't really directly answer your question, but hopefully it's helpful somehow.
  13. Hard to tell, but unfortunately those LSAT scores are low for pretty much any school. If you don't hear back or decide to defer a year, I'd take a serious third try at the LSAT. With a starting point of 145 I'm confident you could break 160 if you work at it. My guess would be that you'd get in almost anywhere if you could get it into that territory!
  14. Depending on EC's and LOR's I'd guess you'd have very good odds if your LSAT was high 150's +. Unfortunately I don't think your odds are very good with your current LSAT's scores though.
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