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  1. Most schools will just take your highest score. A score in the 160s would likely improve your chances a fair bit.
  2. May 13th. Will be declining before that.
  3. Also accepted from the waitlist May 31st - waitlisted May 23rd.
  4. Waitlisted! Index around 90.05 depending on drops Notified via email and updated status. Doesn't say the position though.
  5. Some got in through regular! I think it really depends stats-wise. I heard median lsat for the category is around 160.
  6. Logic games, logical reasoning, and reading comp - 80 for all three Not marked up
  7. Has anyone who took the Jan lsat had their file updated to show that? mine says it hasn't been updated since December.
  8. Also in queue the 27th with last name H. Filled out part B as well.
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