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  1. Fair enough. I'm waiting on UofC too, but leaning towards UofA. Thanks!
  2. UofA. Why not wait until closer to March 31st?
  3. Is there a chance that in waiting to pay it that I will not get a seat?
  4. I'm surprised you haven't already been accepted. Granted you're a 3rd year, but those are good stats...
  5. Same here. The emails are sent to anyone who has applied to TRU.
  6. Little late to this thread, but I am in the same boat. Wondering if it is worth going as well. It may be a good opportunity to tour the school though...
  7. I would take the extra courses to boost your GPA. As far as the practice tests though, I am under the impression (assuming you are taking the real LSAC practice tests) that you will probably score close to your practice test scores. Send me a pm if you wanna chat more!
  8. I received an email as well. No other news.
  9. UofS still says they are still waiting for my May grades (current semester/last of undergrad). Does this mean that I will not hear from them until my current semester grades have been submitted? They already have my fall grades. Anyone else in this situation?
  10. In a similar boat. Applied in January, was told I would hear by the end of February - no word yet.
  11. Congrats! When was the green circle?
  12. I would also like to know. Similar stats: 155 LSAT, GPA c3.87/4.00 and L2 3.95, strong LOR, ECs, and unique undergraduate. I have been accepted to UofA in February, still waiting for UofC.
  13. Accepted late February 2019. L2 3.95/4.00 LSAT 155 Currently completing last semester of undergrad.
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