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  1. Your references submit them directly either through mail to the law admissions office or email, there is no specific protocol just make sure your references indicate the letters are for you clearly and when the application office receives them they will update it on the portal. You cannot submit them yourself or they won't be accepted.
  2. Got email this morning. Special applicant with 2.93 GPA, 167 LSAT, and two years of uni completed with strong Sask connection.
  3. So I have no idea whatsoever what my chances are like... I am in second year right now, and applying as a special applicant. My GPA is a 2.87/4.0 at U of T engineering (I don't know how much they consider your program but there was one vague sentence about it in the applicant handbook so just in case), I scored a 167 on the January LSAT, and I have a strong Sask connection (went to Elementary and HS there, sister works at U of S). I have two reference letters from HS teachers and one from a practicing lawyer. Basically I wanted to do law originally, but didn't really want to do a more typical pre law degree so I chose engineering thinking if I liked it I could just stick with that instead or do law after normally. Turns out I really dislike the program here and I made the decision to swap to law right now if possible as U of S allows second year applicants. Only had a couple weeks to study for LSAT but it turned out alright, and now I still have no idea what my chances are. As far as I know I could be basically 0% or 100%, so even a vague narrowing down of that range would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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