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  1. Hello, I hope this is the right area to be posting this. I'm the sister of a 3L who I am scared in falling into a deep depression over the articling process. She currently attends a law school in the Toronto area and has roughly a B average, experience doing a term at a immigration legal clinic in Toronto, worked for the Federal government in an immigration related job for 4 summers and currently is volunteering with a wills clinic. She has been to multiple interviews (got 6 OCIs in August) and has still been unable to secure a position. She recently interviewed at 3 law firms within the Toronto area (even up to Barrie) and even chased after a lawyer through a connection who possibly had an articling position open but never got back to her. She is open to any field of law, but I feel her passion and most of her experiences, work and volunteer wise relate to immigration law. I must admit the law field is not my speciality even though I did my Masters in Medical Ethics and Law abroad in the UK and am currently working towards practicing as a nurse. Her last two interviews for immigration law firms apparently went well (according to the rejection e-mails), but they ended up going with other candidates. One firm went as far to say she was in the top 2 candidates and even emailed her back within 2 hours of submitting her application on a Saturday to schedule her for an interview the following week. Today, she found out after 2 weeks of waiting that she was unsuccessful. I'd really appreciate any guidance, I have done my best to give advice and try to keep her from getting discouraged and help her learn to sell herself better to interviewers but i'm not sure what else to say or do at this point. I've even gone as far to encourage her to possibly look out of province but she says employers will look down on her for having no connections, too late to apply for licensing, and its too expensive to fly for interviews. Should she be discouraged at this point in the game, considering she has 1.5 months left of school? I'm just wondering, does any one have any tips, leads, advice I can give her? Should she just do the LPP (even though she feels it won't better her prospects and stigmatize her)?
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