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  1. All you people admitted Thursday when do you need to let UofS know your decision? I’m just trying to figure out the next cycle! Congrats to you guys, we’ve all worked really hard and it’s great to hear people are getting accepted!
  2. My understanding is the sask connection is to ensure graduates stay in Sask to work after graduation. So, if you wanted to work the family business in Sask that would count. Hope this helps
  3. I didn’t know the waitlist went till August! My understanding was that all acceptance stopped at end of June. I don’t know it that makes it better or worse 😂 thank you
  4. I used a mix of 7Sage( cheapest option) to teach me the logic behind questions and then the free khan prep to drill. I found it helpful to treat it like a uni class treat your preptests as your lecture. At least at my uni classes can be once a week for 3 hours. That’s 1 preptest a week. I always did mine Sunday morning around 9ish expect for two weeks before the test. I started training my body to wake up around 6ish. then set aside time each day to study and get ready for “the lecture”. When I was learning content (with 7sage) I found it helpful to treat it like textbook readings and take notes. Near the end when I was strictly drilling (with khan) I treated them like I was studying for my math or accounting classes. I hope this helps. It’s hard to find time I always took a full course load while studying for LSAT and working. Let me know if you want more specifics! Good luck you’ve got this
  5. Thank you that helps me a lot! I feel like I stand a pretty good chance of acceptance but it’s really defeating right now registering for class next year. The only thing that has changed since I applied was my “date received”. It changed from the origional date I applied to March 14th. Does anyone know what that means? Is my application in front of the committee ?
  6. Hey guys, its me again, just your everyday panicky admissions applicant. I wondering what the timeline for UofS normally is in regards to acceptances. When do the next round of offers get sent out? Also when you guys think someone with my stats would hear? I know it’s all a numbers and waiting game but any reassurance or information would be appreciated GPA: 82-83% LSAT: 151 (1st write), 157 (2nd write) Stone sask connection
  7. Did you have a strong sask connection ?
  8. I understand I might be a little late but I am currently in my second year of business. I am hoping to be accepted to UofS for next year. I believe you attending bus school is the best option. You can finish your degree and get accepted to a law school depending on marks and LSAT you might be able to get in after 2 or 3 years (save yourself some cash money) and worse comes to worse if you don’t get accepted business is still a viable career path and you might be able to work in a field of law you are interested in. One last note business at my university business isn’t the easiest program but it isn’t super hard to do well in. This is especially true if you put on effort and try to get to know the profs. They help you with assignments a lot. I also wouldn’t recommend going over seas I had thought about it while I was crying after one pitiful prep test. What people say is true about lawyers being cautious of you. one way you can avoid it in working small town or rural but I don’t know if that’s part of your aspirations I hope this helps. I’m curious on what you decided to do
  9. I’m a second year business student studying at the UofR. Currently have a 82.9% GPA and a 157 LSAT. I also have a strong connection to SK, raised here and mom graduated from UofS. Do you guys think I stand a chance at admittance for this upcoming September ? This is my second LSAT(wrote in Jan) my first I wrote in November and scored a 151.
  10. UoS only requires 60 credit hours. So I’m hopefully but I know it’s kind of a long shot
  11. Yeah I know I’d be better if my LSAT was better but I jumped a lot from my first score (151). I’m hoping my GPA and Sask connection will help me out a lot. I’m really nervous and finding it hard to focus on anything else. Thank you!
  12. I’m a second year business student. Currently have a 82.9% GPA and a 157 LSAT. I also have a strong connection to SK. Do you guys think I stand a chance at admittance for this upcoming September ?
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