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  1. I think borderline but you stand a chance. Stats similar to mine ( lower LSAT but higher GPA) I found out beginning of June right before people started getting waitlisted. I wish you the best of luck !
  2. I can try and ease some anxieties. I’m 20 and a 1L. The ages range so much and nobody really pays attention or cares. If you have other questions you are welcome to PM me and I can try and help. In my 1.5 months in law school though your age (above or below) the median will not help or hurt you.
  3. I am a current 1L and I was accepted after two years of study LSAT:151,157 GPA: 85.4% sask connection lots of people have degrees and even careers but I would say if you are at the averages you stand a good chance even if you don’t have a degree! Good luck
  4. I would be careful about the America schools emailing you. After I wrote the LSAT I received many emails telling me how competitive I was before my score was released (I did the paper copy). This leads me to believe the emails were sent out no matter what my score was and the schools had no clue what I scored. I know nothing about the digital LSAT but I would say that the American law schools might send out emails even if they don't know your score.
  5. Not sure if it will help but I got accepted to USask this year with: LSAT:157 (151,157) GPA:85.3% (I hate doing the 4.0/4.33 conversion) this was my CGPa + best two. I only did two years so you having done three would help
  6. I see people starting to post 1L textbooks for sale on Facebook is it worth it to get used textbooks or is it easier to get them through the bookstore. I’m mainly worried about getting the right edition, do they change often?
  7. PAWS must hate me then, all I get is an error page! I will take another look in a week or so. Thank you
  8. When I called Doreen to ask about confirmation of enrolment (I need it for loans) she said they were finalizing the schedule this week so we should get our assigned classes next week 🤞 .I hope that helps ease worries. Now I’m starting to worry that I understood the conversation wrong though.
  9. I will echo other people east side is best. Nutana area will have lots of basement suites coming for rent in the next couple of weeks. These are normally nice but older buildings Another area I don’t see people talking about is college park. It’s right across the river( so you can cross the university or train bridge). Again older buildings and you are paying for the location but it’s worth a look.
  10. Just to build off of the previous questions you had mentioned practice exams. Where do you find these exams or did you make them yourself? I see on the new to law page on 8 classes listed out. Do they last the whole year? Does it work out to 30 credit hours? I need to know for loan applications and I can’t seem to find the number of credit hours. I also see lots of people talking about books or cases you need to red before you start school. Is this accurate should I be buying textbooks or cases to read them so I am not behind my first year? If this is necessary what books/cases would you suggest? Thank you for doing this
  11. I could’ve be wrong but I thought it was about 10% of applicants ex) usask has 1200 applicants approx. and accepts 126.
  12. Hello! I have some questions regarding first year and USask things. Parking What’s the situation? Do most students drive, bus, walk ? Is there even enough parking on campus? Registration So I know we get assigned sections but when do I get a student number or access to paws? Is it not till August? Student lounge Is there a student area or lounge? I’m coming from Uregina Business where we have a nice lounge with tables, a fridge, storage, etc. Is there something like that? Lockers Is there lockers to rent in the law building (so I don’t have to carry around my winter coat and stuff). How does a person get one and is it even worth it ? Classes. Any words of advice for classes, profs or anything else. This is like a catch all for any words of Wisdom.
  13. I have till June 14th to get them my decision. I will be sending everything off right away however.
  14. Accepted today! B2:82.95% LSAT: 151,157 my overall GPA is the same as my B2. I have only completed 2 years of university study. I look forward to seeing you all in the fall!
  15. I used the cheapest option cause I found the teaching really helpful but I didn’t like how few/how they set up drilling. I then paired it with the free khan study guide. Would recommend!
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