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  1. Mostly about my grades at my first university, which is what I expected. They also had some general stock interview questions like, "Tell us about yourself," "Talk about a time you were in a leadership position..." "Tell us about a time you faced a challenging situation. How did you handle it?" etc.
  2. Just got accepted today via email! Here's allll the info: 3.43 cGPA, 3.9 L2 (first semester at a university I transferred out of was rough) 164 LSAT October / 160 LSAT January Filled out Part B for equity and diversity. Masters degree, international student, decent but probably not great EC + PS. Initially went into queue in November but it reset when I took the January LSAT (which ended up being a worse score lol). I had an interview on March 27th
  3. I did mine via Skype because I'm out of the country. When they email to schedule, they'll ask if you want to do it in person, over the phone, or over Skype. I'd say Skype is better than phone because it best approximates a normal in-person interview. By the way, they've been taking forever to schedule the interviews. My status said I was invited for an email on Feb. 28, I got the email on Mar. 14, then had the interview on Mar. 27th. They told me I'd get an admission decision in 1-2 weeks.
  4. I haven't received a conditional offer from Osgoode so I can't say for sure, but I would guess if you're still in undergrad then the condition would be finishing your bachelor's degree. I had a few of those when I was applying for MA programs.
  5. My OASIS status changed to say that I would be interviewed on February 28th. They finally emailed me on March 14 to schedule an interview for March 27th. No really enlightening information in the email other than to say that it will only take half an hour.
  6. Just curious, do you think you know why they're contacting you? I have a significantly lower CGPA than L2 and I transferred schools during undergrad, so I'm pretty sure they'll ask me about that. I also stupidly didn't explain why my grades in the personal statements because I originally thought the CGPA wouldn't include my transfer grades. A friend of mine is convinced that they're going to ask why I want to go to a Canadian school since I'm American, but I don't think that's their main concern.
  7. Any update, OP? My guess is it was an accident and a lot of us who haven't heard back yet are on an unofficial waitlist until they get more answers back from admitted students.
  8. My OASIS account just updated to say that I've been invited for an interview and they'll contact me soon. Has anyone else gotten this yet? And am I correct to assume that this means they're undecided about my application and want me to explain something? Super nervous 😬
  9. My friend and I both applied to Osgoode and have been in queue since November and haven't heard back yet. We both have similar stats to other poeple who have been accepted and relatively strong ECs and LoR (we assume). We're wondering if maybe our applications are slowed down by the fact that we're US citizens and have never studied in Canada. Does anyone here know how that affects the admissions process?
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