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  1. Mine just says “paid online” on OASIS.
  2. No it’s actually not a magic formula believe it or not. You calculate your converted gpa for each class, add them up, and divide by the total number of classes. That gives you your cumulative gpa. It’s basic math
  3. I didn’t get accepted because the rest of my application was week (references, ECs, personal statements). After improving to a 165 LSAT, I was admitted to UBC, osgoode, western, and queens this year almost all in the very first round of offers. Feel free to PM me if you want more details
  4. Yeah all my experience is with Ontario schools. I’m by no means an expert my perspective is coming from getting waitlisted at western and osgoode last year with a 3.72cgpa, 3.79 L2 and 162 lsat (this was decently above the medians last year for both schools) and then doing lots of personal reflection into why. Plus reading dozens of accepted threads with people getting admitted with stats much below the medians in the general category. My main objective is to get people to get rid of the faulty assumption (like I had) that youre gunna be accepted forsure if you meet both medians
  5. My mistake. I’m not sure about next year. All I can tell you is I haven’t received a dime yet with 3.72 OLSAS cgpa and 165 lsat.
  6. I was referring to people admitted holistically through the general category. In my limited experience being around this cycle and last, it looks like there are many students with less competitive stats and more competitive work experience/ECs admitted across schools in Ontario.
  7. From my understanding all of the large scholarships went out very early in the year and if anything still hasn't been allocated, it’s likely not that much money.
  8. I believe it says on their website they look for a combination of 3.8+ OLSAS cgpa and above 80th percentile lsat
  9. Looks like you need a A+ for a 4.0 at uoft based on the scale I posted
  10. There aren’t any schools that convert anything lower than a 90 (that use percentages) to a 4.0. If you have one mark under a 90, you don’t have a 4.0 https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/
  11. Make sure you are calculating OLSAS gpa properly. A 90% average isn’t going to be a 4.0 unless you scored exactly a 90 in all 30 courses
  12. Because the medians are including students who didn’t just get admitted off pure stats. Admissions are holistic, you don’t just reach the median and automatically get accepted.
  13. I got mine through shah this year. He’s a great guy, would recommend also
  14. Law school admissions are a bit less stats based than people make them out to seem in my opinion. If you have strong softs (like actually strong softs, not president of your pre-law club) than I think you have a really good shot with a 160. But if you’re trying to get admitted based on stats alone (like I did) I would guess you would need 165+. Also as an aside, I know several people who scored higher than their best practice test on the real thing. So it’s definitely possible to do better. My point is mostly that practice tests aren’t always indicative of how you will do. Could go up, could go down
  15. My LSAT experience is almost identical. Before my last attempt I took 10 fully timed and proctored practice tests. I scored one 169 and every other score was in the 170s with an average around 173. I scored a 165 on test day. Practice tests are good for showing your potential but don’t guarantee you’ll score the same on test day. I never had test anxiety before the lsat and have always excelled on exams. This test is a different beast
  16. This isn’t even a question. If your last grade was a A- or a B+ then it could go either way. Convert that C+ to a pass!
  17. They sent an email to all the students who accepted their offers I believe. They are sending the link the day before
  18. This point needs to be emphasized *way* more. Ryerson did not all of a sudden become a top school in any other area because of its location. Law isn’t special.
  19. Theres no way you should be taking more undergrad courses if you do end up taking a year off and reapplying. That literally makes no sense, you have a 3.75 OLSAS gpa.... You should definitely try improving your lsat instead. I went 0/3 last year with a 3.72 gpa and a 162. I got into UBC, queens, western and osgoode this year, all in the first or early rounds after improving to a 165. Please don’t waste thousand of dollars taking UG courses
  20. Is there any public information regarding which clients the big firms are representing. I’m not sure if this is a situation that would exist in practice, but if firm X largely represented Oil companies and firm Y represents Shopify, Apple in Canada, etc, and has the bulk of their clientele in tech this might be useful information to know as a student. (I would assume the chances of firm X going bankrupt would be much higher than firm Y, all else being equal).
  21. This would be easier to provide advice with more information. What school did you get accepted too, what schools are your top choices, and what are your stats?
  22. Not hearing back is better in my opinion. A waitlist is essentially a polite rejection. There are always a few students who will get in off the waitlist but by and large schools have massive waitlists and few spots open up. However, note that this year is a wildcard with covid. There could be a much higher number of students deferring/dropping up which would open up more spots for waitlisted applicants. I would treat a waitlist like a rejection and prepare for next year, if you end up getting it in it will be a nice surprise
  23. There are no 12 month leases at osgoode chambers. It’s a monthly commitment
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