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  1. Is Ryerson the only school you got accepted to in Ontario? I would think that if you had the stats for UVic you would get multiple Ontario acceptances
  2. Unfortunately, as far as law applicants go your EC’s seem week to moderate. These are all very common student experiences. For reference, I have pretty similar ECs as you. I worked part time during my whole undergrad (full time every summer), have one year of management work experience, and got good reference. I rate my own EC’s as weak relative to other applicants based on what I’ve heard from others. That being said, I think you have more of an outside chance of being admitted. I wouldn’t lose hope just yet, but I would plan out my next steps if I were you (whether that’s moving on to other options or studying for the lsat to hit 160+) Best of luck
  3. It blows my mind that you haven’t been admitted with those stats at at least the L2/B2 schools. The only reason I can think of would be that the schools aren’t putting the same emphasis on your new grades (because they were taken after you already completed your first undergrad). I know some schools say it doesn’t matter, but it must to some extent.
  4. If anyone is interested osgoode's yield rate is around 50% to compare https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/2018_2019-Annual-Report.pdf (page 6) Both of these are very high relative to the US, which makes sense given how fewer school we have
  5. TRU sounds like a no-brainer to me if you want to end up in BC. If you had gotten into uoft/osgoode/western/queens I think it would be more open to debate. But TRU vs Windsor/ryerson for biglaw in B.C. is a pretty clear choice!
  6. It was osgoode. I was there and was put off by it aswell
  7. I got into ubc which has 12k a year tuition. If they make everything online I would have chosen that instead of osgoode for 26k in hindsight, because I could then be in my ideal location (Toronto) at the better price
  8. I would probably end up going, but it wouldn’t be a given like it is if it’s in person. I would take some time and really think about what I want to do. I don’t think they could justify charging the amount of tuition they do if classes are only online, so any potential discount to tuition would help. It also depends on what they decide to do for summer employment this year. If the potential to get biglaw 2L and 1L jobs no longer exists (I think that’s unlikely tho) then I’m absolutely not going. It still has to be a viable 100k and 3 year investment at the end of the day
  9. I agree that osgoode will still provide an advantage even if classes are online. But one of the main reason I choose osgoode over queens/western and potentially uoft (I withdrew before a decision was made) were the clinics osgoode offers. Specifically the 2 business law workshops at Davies and the other business law clinic at Stikemans. I see those clinics as the best experience someone like me aiming for Bay Street could get while in law school. As far as UBC is concerned my thoughts were that if everything is online for 1L I could attend online UBC and then transfer to osgoode effectively saving me 14k (which I could put on 220 SPY puts and pay for the entirety of my law school )
  10. Mostly because I declined my offer at UBC in favour of osgoode because I want to work in Toronto. But if everything is online anyways I’m gunna be really mad that I turned down 12k a year online law school for 26k a year online law school Online actually plays into my learning style more. I don’t take in information well when I hear it out loud but excel at learning when I read information. I’m almost positive my class ranking would be higher if everything was online.
  11. Hopefully they give us some information by the deposit deadline, because I’m not paying 26k a year for online law school
  12. I’m in a similar position. I would wait until the last minute to pay the deposit and see if we get anymore information in the process. Social distancing might go on for a while, but I don’t see how we could keep businesses closed for over a year. The economic destruction would be worse than the virus itself. My guess is that all businesses open in the next month and we just continue to distance where we can and wash hands/sanitize a lot. Only time will tell tho, we just need to wait and see!
  13. Why would it matter if the exam is “harder” if everyone is graded on a curve relative to their peers?
  14. You quoted a post of mine from a different thread about queens vs western...
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