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  1. I copy pasted it for you “In the process of deciding wether to accept my offer I've been in contact with career services at UBC. They've provided me some detailed information some of you might find useful. I was provided information on the number of applicants who actually applied for OCIs which paints a much clearer picture than the usual numbers I've seen which show the amount of students who secured a position as a fraction of the entire class. I received information for both Toronto and Vancouver OCIs Vancouver: 158 students applied for OCIs last year, 59 secured positions. Thats 37.3% success rate. Toronto: 25 students applied for OCIs last year, 2 secured positions. Thats a 8% success rate. As an aside I was informed that several of the students who applied for OCIs in Toronto may have received an offer, but opted to go to another market instead. I was also given information on how to apply to both Toronto and Vancouver OCIs. I was told that OCIs for both markets occur during the same week, on separate days so you can apply for both. However, after the in-firm stage, Vancouver offers happen in mid- to late October, and Toronto offers are in early November. This means that if you are offered a job from Vancouver, you would have to make a decision before the offers from Toronto come out. However, you will have already done OCIs and potentially in-firms in Toronto, so you will at least have some idea of where you stand. I hope some of you find this information helpful “
  2. I posted the exact numbers the UBC career office gave me a few months back. I have no idea how to quote threads but if you look you’ll find it. I had details info including how many students applied to the recruit for both Vancouver and Toronto OCIs
  3. I won’t be able to attend the online Q&A today because they decided to make it not compatible with mobile and ill be at work. Can anyone fill me in on any important information they provide?
  4. I think it took me like a week between getting accepted and then going in person to sign the paperwork
  5. They let me split the limit 5k each between the visa and the Amex. Both annual fees are waived. I got everything set up around 2 months ago edit: you also get both of the sign up rewards bonuses if you get both cards. I got $500 worth of points for spending 1k on each card in the first 3 months.
  6. Apparently they are hosting another Q&A on June 17 and they said they would answer questions about the delivery of first year. It’s quite a bit away from now, but I’m assuming that’s when we’re going to get proper details
  7. I am almost certainly living in OC unless 1L is strictly online. Personally, I need to move anyways because theres no way I’m going to be living at home during law school (I am right now due to covid). There isn’t really anywhere else desirable to live that I can get a 1 bedroom apartment for $1200 a month with utilities. And I’ll also be able to interact with other students in OC so I’ll still be able to make friends with law students. On top of that, if winter semester is more normal I’ll already be living on campus where I want to be. The York campus is actually pretty nice despite being in a bad neighbourhood, I have no problem enjoying the campus to myself if not many people are there
  8. Mine just says “paid online” on OASIS.
  9. No it’s actually not a magic formula believe it or not. You calculate your converted gpa for each class, add them up, and divide by the total number of classes. That gives you your cumulative gpa. It’s basic math
  10. I didn’t get accepted because the rest of my application was week (references, ECs, personal statements). After improving to a 165 LSAT, I was admitted to UBC, osgoode, western, and queens this year almost all in the very first round of offers. Feel free to PM me if you want more details
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