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  1. Also FWIW, scoring 175+ is exceptionally rare in Canada. According to LSAC of the 3858 Canadian applicant this current year 6 scored 175, 8 scored 176, 5 scored 177, 0 scored 178, 6 scored 179, and 0 scored 180. https://report.lsac.org/VolumeSummaryOriginalFormat.aspx You are truly in your own category of applicant. Best of luck
  2. Queens' averages from last year were 3.73 Best 2 and 162 lsat. With 3.66, 178 I think you're in first round Western's averages from last year were 3.7 last 2 with a 161 lsat. Again I think you're in first round easily. Toronto's median splits (25/50/75) are 3.76/3.83/3.91 Best 3 and 163/166/168 lsat. In my opinion you are much higher above the 75th percentile on the lsat than you are below the 25th percentile for gpa. Also because it seems like you are in a hard undergraduate program combined with an outrageously high LSAT, I would be shocked if they did not accept you as well.
  3. With a 3.66 last 2 and best 3 and a 178 I would assume you’re all but guaranteed to get into western and queens and have a very good shot at UofT aswell. Best of luck!
  4. You have competitive stats but osgoode is very hard to predict admissions based off stats alone. They have a very holistic approach and thus have very subjective admissions. Last year their medians were 3.66 cgpa and 160 lsat, so you’re good on that front
  5. Yeah, it was a tough section. Oddly enough logic games was my best section going in. I had around a -1 average over my last 10 PTs going in. And to be fair going to the washroom took like two minutes. It was only like 5% of what went wrong in that section
  6. Full disclaimer I’ve never read it. Although i have several close friends (one of which is a 175 scorer) who recommend it highly. I’m told that the methods it teaches are very similar to my natural way of approaching LR (I scored -4 combined between both LR sections on my official LSAT for reference)
  7. One of my references was from a professor I never talked to before that only agreed to give me a reference because I got a 90 in her class. This year for contrast my academic reference is a professor I had for a 30 person seminar course where I led the discussion every class and received the highest mark. The professor then specifically told me at the end of the course to come to him if I ever needed a reference. As for the lsat I’m likely done because I think I scored high enough to get in. Although my September score was a huge choke on my end so I know I could do better if needed. For reference my score breakdown was -2 LR1, -2 LR2, -3 RC and -13 logic games (I had to use the washroom half way through logic games )
  8. I’m also back for round two! Applied to osgoode, western, and Toronto last year when I was in my 4th year of undergrad. Got rejected from Toronto, waitlisted at osgoode and western with 3.69 cgpa (went up to 3.72 after 4th year grades came in), 162 lsat (Jan), weak references and abysmal personal statements. Back again this year applying to UBC, Toronto, osgoode, queens and western with a 3.72 cgpa, 3.79 last 2, 165 lsat, great references and solid humble personal statements. Hopefully we all have better luck this year!
  9. Your plan of doing 1 to 2 hours a day over a long period of time is ideal. If I were you I would focus more so on full timed practice tests and fully timed sections instead of drills. This is roughly what I would do: during the first month do lots of drills and use self study books to learn the concepts (loophole by Ellen Cassidy and PowerScore are good options). After the first month you want to focus exclusively on timed sections and practice tests. I would study as follows: Monday-Friday do one full section and review it in detail. Figure out why each answer is correct and why all the wrong answer choices are incorrect. This should take roughly 1-2 hours. Then every weekend take one full 5 section timed practice tests. Make sure you take at least one full day off a week and don’t be shy to take breaks whenever you feel tired or burnt out. Also make sure you track everything with analytics. 7 sage offers free analytics on their website. This will help you pinpoint what you got wrong.
  10. I think although your cgpa is low you have a good shot considering how holistic osgoode is. If your last 2 gpa is on the OLSAS scale that’s incredible and must be worth something. Getting 16 90%+s and 4 85%+s ( or some similar combination) on your last 20 courses is no joke.
  11. That’s not true. “OLSAS will convert grades of courses taken at accredited universities in the US.” https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-transcript/#us-transcripts quote is from US transcripts section. OP, if your gpa converts to a 3.95, you have a very good chance of being accepted!
  12. November 1st is the deadline for you to place a transcript request. As long as the request is made by the deadline you're fine. "OLSAS must receive your online transcript request by the appropriate deadlines to satisfy the transcript deadline requirement." https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-transcript/ The text i quoted can be found under the Transcripts from Ontario Universities and Colleges section. Edit: I now see that OP is from BC, this might only apply to students applying from an Ontario university
  13. I had one academic reference. I just didn’t present myself well. I have few extra curriculars and I applied super last minute so I wrote all my personal statements in about a day. I watched dozens of people with much lower stats than me get accepted last cycle so don’t worry too much. If you have a strong personal statement and good references you have a really good shot! I just wanted to add my anecdotal case because people on this site make it seem like if you have the stats you’re getting in, and thats clearly not true.
  14. I’d say you have good chances but it really depends on the strength of the rest of your application. I was waitlisted last cycle with 3.72 cgpa 3.79 L2, 162 (the rest of my application was quite poor)
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