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  1. They said there would be an round of offers by the end of May, i.e today. I would wait until tomorrow personally
  2. Waitlisted today 3.72 cgpa, 3.79 L2, 162 see you guys next cycle
  3. I think tomorrow is the day, I got a good feeling about it
  4. Is that your OLSAS gpa?
  5. You have to submit your winter grades to OLSAS. Not sure if they consider them tho
  6. Does anyone have any insight about when the next round of offers goes out? (Beyond “we will hear back by May 31st”). They seem to have stopped updating their very helpful website: https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/information_for_current_applicants.html
  7. Any acceptances from waitlist today, or were all from queue?
  8. You both were insulting and rude from the beginning. Implying that us wanting to make an informed decision and not rush into anything means we would not succeed in law or law school is an insult. This thread is going so off topic. It was about trying to see who hadn't had their file evaluated at Western. Lets stick to that. If you want to have your debate on whether you can move cities to attend law school in a week, make your own thread.
  9. Not sure what crawled up your ass. I feel sorry for any future client represented by someone as ignorant as you no one even said it was impossible. We just said it’s not ideal. Not sure why you felt the need to comment at all
  10. What excuse am I making? I guess some of us like to think through our 100k+ investments and set up ideal situations for ourselves. Guess you're not one of those people.
  11. Not everyone used OSAP for undergrad and may of us will also need to get a bank loan. That on top of going to visit the city, finding an appropriate apartment, and moving is a good bit to figure out.
  12. I agree. At this point it feels like a loss either way. We need time to figure out the logistics of attending should we get admitted.
  13. I’m with you I’m starting to lose hope. It’s very odd to me that they would admit so many students before they even reviewed all the files
  14. Yeah but the ones that come out later are likely because they evaluated their files later. I highly, highly doubt they made all the waitlist decisions at the same time and decided to tell some people months before others...
  15. The only weird thing is that a lot of rejections and waitlist have gone out. Which to me would suggest that they haven’t read our applications yet... if they declined us or waitlisted us, we would have heard with everyone else in the past couple weeks. If they accepted us before April 11th we would know as well. To me all that’s left is that a) they haven’t read our apps for some bizzare reason, or b) we’ve been accepted post April 11 and will hear when the next round goes out.
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