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  1. I mean sadly it doesn’t appear that you can live a decent lifestyle (I.e, own your own home) without a ridiculous income in Canada. Maybe that’s not entirely true but that’s what it looks like to students like myself and part of what drives the desire for high wages.
  2. https://lso.ca/becoming-licensed/lawyer-licensing-process/articling-candidates/finding-a-placement/2022-toronto-summer-student-recruitment-procedures
  3. OSAP considers parents income when you’re less than 6 years out of highschool. I don’t remember exactly if Osgoode considered it or not. I was referring to bursaries from Osgoode and OSAP combined in my previous post. The average Osgoode student is not getting more than 6k from the school alone just to clarify
  4. I can also confirm as a current 1L the price you quoted is exactly what we paid before bursaries. Unless your parents are extremely wealthy you should expect to pay under 20k after bursaries.
  5. I would tend to trust osgoode’s official numbers over ballpark numbers from anonymous people on the internet
  6. It also makes the test, much, much easier
  7. 1 year into paying 26k a year at Osgoode instead of 12k at UBC. I would have went to UBC in hindsight. The education is worth no where near the price at any law school. I would go the cheapest route
  8. Osgoode is on the subway line so you can pretty much live where you want in Toronto. It takes around 40 minutes to subway from St Andrew Station so you could live anywhere from Downtown, to midtown and have a reasonable commute. You could also live on campus in Osgoode chambers for cheap. Don’t assume you’re trapped in North York when making your decision, because you are not
  9. I had to choose between UBC and Osgoode last year and it was a tough decision. I was favouring UBC because of the significantly lower tuition, but in the end I want to practice in Ontario and Osgoode put me in a better position to do that.
  10. I copy pasted it for you “In the process of deciding wether to accept my offer I've been in contact with career services at UBC. They've provided me some detailed information some of you might find useful. I was provided information on the number of applicants who actually applied for OCIs which paints a much clearer picture than the usual numbers I've seen which show the amount of students who secured a position as a fraction of the entire class. I received information for both Toronto and Vancouver OCIs Vancouver: 158 students applied for OCIs last year, 59 secured positions. Thats 37.3% success rate. Toronto: 25 students applied for OCIs last year, 2 secured positions. Thats a 8% success rate. As an aside I was informed that several of the students who applied for OCIs in Toronto may have received an offer, but opted to go to another market instead. I was also given information on how to apply to both Toronto and Vancouver OCIs. I was told that OCIs for both markets occur during the same week, on separate days so you can apply for both. However, after the in-firm stage, Vancouver offers happen in mid- to late October, and Toronto offers are in early November. This means that if you are offered a job from Vancouver, you would have to make a decision before the offers from Toronto come out. However, you will have already done OCIs and potentially in-firms in Toronto, so you will at least have some idea of where you stand. I hope some of you find this information helpful “
  11. I posted the exact numbers the UBC career office gave me a few months back. I have no idea how to quote threads but if you look you’ll find it. I had details info including how many students applied to the recruit for both Vancouver and Toronto OCIs
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