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  1. I JUST GOT IN !!!! offer in oasis, no email 3.72cgpa 165
  2. Thanks! When I started applying Queens and Western were tied for 2nd after osgoode (I’m scared of uoft’s tuition and don’t really think I’ll get in anyways). But I got into western about a month ago, so I’ve had a lot of time to look into the school which is really hurting Queens chances at the moment. Ive also got into UBC so I’m pretty torn between that and osgoode/western.
  3. I doubt it, we have many people with insane stats on here that will likely get first round. I think I’ll likely get first round with 3.72cgpa, 3.79 best 2, 165 and there are many people on here that blow me out of the water
  4. Why go to Ryerson? Because it would be cool as hell to be apart of the very first graduating class of a law school! Imagine if you were part of the first class to graduate Western or something, that would be pretty cool
  5. Based on absolutely nothing but a hunch, I too think Ryerson will eventually be a top 5 schools in Ontario behind Toronto, osgoode, western and Queens because of its location in downtown Toronto. However my guesstimation is that this will take closer to 10 years because the grads will need some time to establish themselves
  6. At this point I’ll take a full refund on my application fee and call it a day lol
  7. No sorry! I didn’t ask because I’m personally only interested in Toronto and Vancouver, but I’m sure they have the numbers!
  8. In the process of deciding wether to accept my offer I've been in contact with career services at UBC. They've provided me some detailed information some of you might find useful. I was provided information on the number of applicants who actually applied for OCIs which paints a much clearer picture than the usual numbers I've seen which show the amount of students who secured a position as a fraction of the entire class. I received information for both Toronto and Vancouver OCIs Vancouver: 158 students applied for OCIs last year, 59 secured positions. Thats 37.3% success rate. Toronto: 25 students applied for OCIs last year, 2 secured positions. Thats a 8% success rate. As an aside I was informed that several of the students who applied for OCIs in Toronto may have received an offer, but opted to go to another market instead. I was also given information on how to apply to both Toronto and Vancouver OCIs. I was told that OCIs for both markets occur during the same week, on separate days so you can apply for both. However, after the in-firm stage, Vancouver offers happen in mid- to late October, and Toronto offers are in early November. This means that if you are offered a job from Vancouver, you would have to make a decision before the offers from Toronto come out. However, you will have already done OCIs and potentially in-firms in Toronto, so you will at least have some idea of where you stand. I hope some of you find this information helpful
  9. My thoughts exactly. The advancement opportunity in this profession is really exciting for people just starting their journey. For me it’s about having the opportunity to grow to these positions, not some pipe dream that I’ll land the highest paying job in the profession. Everyone who jokes about not being able to make it to the top is just one other person who is guaranteed not to make it
  10. So the way to get one of those positions would be to work in big law for like 5 years and then transfer over? Thanks for the info guys! I didn’t realize there were opportunities like this! Super exciting I can’t wait to start law school
  11. Thanks for the info! I didn’t realize there were legal positions that lucrative outside of Bay Street. At 2-3 million would she not be higher paid than Bay Street partners? I didn’t think they made nearly that much!
  12. What is a GC? And do you know how many hours someone in the 300k range would be working?
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