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  1. Just got rejected too! GPA: 3.25 ish; B2: 3.7; LSAT: 154 Was not surprised due to my lsat, oh well! Life goes on.
  2. 3.25 GPA, 3.7 L2; it's my LSAT that is dragging me down at 154
  3. Hello! I have a question about reapplying next year on OLSAS. At this point, I have pretty much accepted my fate that I will most likely be rejected from all schools this round haha but was wondering that when I reapply for 2020, do I need to make a brand new OLSAS account? And do I need to ask my references to resubmit their LOR? (feel really bad about asking this of them to do it all over again). Thanks in advance!
  4. Not sure about that but sharing with you what I was directly told by admissions, was just trying to be helpful
  5. They said it could be around april/may! They do this to ensure that all those who are currently still in school have until the end of the semester to send in their final marks! So truly you never know!! Dont be discouraged!
  6. I just wanted to provide some reassurance for those who applied to Queen's Law Access and have yet heard a response. I contacted the admissions a while back and they stated that acceptances for access will occur a while later, and to stay put and wait it out. So do not be discouraged just yet. Your acceptances could very much come, just later! :)
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