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  1. With the email out this morning from the dean stating that the fall semester will be online, are people still moving to Halifax?? Or are people staying home and doing 1L remotely from home?
  2. Cancelled my offer recently so a spot should open up!
  3. I submitted my app at the end of Jan, but I don’t think my last reference submitted until near the end of Feb! Good luck
  4. Got an email today at noon! 3.24/4.3 CGPA 3.72/4.3 B2/L2 158 LSAT Stoked and got some serious thinking to do!
  5. Thanks! And pretty sure I submitted my apps on Nov 1st at night haha
  6. Accepted March 23rd! GPA 3.2, 3.65 L2/B2, 158 Congrats to everyone!
  7. Accepted March 12th! Stoked because this is my first acceptance. 3.2/4.0 GPA, 3.65 B2/L2, 158 LSAT
  8. Hey! Had a question if any one of you could help me with it. Got an email from LSAC saying that the "reporting address for your test center was updated." Any idea if this means the same as a test centre change? Should I anticipate being moved to a new centre altogether? In the email they said I will be able to access the information on my admission ticket once it is available with the "following pertinent information: reporting time, reporting address, test center instructions, and test center procedures." Online on my LSAC account, the address for my test centre appears the same. Any thoughts on what this means? Thanks!
  9. I know a guy who got in last year around feb with exactly a 3.45 and a 164!
  10. Which schools are you applying to? Because most schools only look at your top score.
  11. LOL i wouldnt say that haha, i think you have very strong chances for both queen's and western and a good shot at osgoode too!! good luck
  12. You want to make sure you do a lot of timed practice tests before test date! I would say at a minimum of 20 tbh especially since your study period consists of 6 months. The biggest mistake I made in my lsat studying was not doing enough timed tests prior to the actual test
  13. Just some background info, i just graduated from my undergrad so I do not have any significant work experience (besides min wage jobs) that I feel would really add to my overall application
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