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  1. Just some background info, i just graduated from my undergrad so I do not have any significant work experience (besides min wage jobs) that I feel would really add to my overall application
  2. Hello! I know that three references are allowed, but I was wondering if only submitting two (academic for both) would be sufficient and if having a third really benefits me significantly? thanks!
  3. This would be my second cycle of applying and my plan is to use my personal statements from last year and to fix it up and polish it for this year's application. Does anyone know if the law schools would a) even notice that they are relatively the same from last year b) care?? Any help would be awesome thanks!
  4. What LSAT score should I aim for with my GPA 3.24, and L2 3.72. My last score was 154 so I know I need to bump it significantly. Would love some insight!! I'm currently studying for a retake and would also love some tips on RC since it's my worst section. Thank you in advance!
  5. Rejected! 3.24 ish, L2/B2 3.72, LSAT 154
  6. Hey guys! Just got rejected as an access applicant. My stats are 3.25 ish B2/L2 3.7 ish, LSAT 154.
  7. Hey guys! Just got rejected as an access applicant. My stats are 3.25 ish B2/L2 3.7 ish, LSAT 154.
  8. Rejected may 10th. 3.24, B2/L2 3.72, LSAT 154 Not surprised! 2 rejections down, 2 more to go
  9. Question: what LSAT should I aim for with a 3.25 GPA and a 3.65-3.7 L2?
  10. Just got rejected too! GPA: 3.25 ish; B2: 3.7; LSAT: 154 Was not surprised due to my lsat, oh well! Life goes on.
  11. 3.25 GPA, 3.7 L2; it's my LSAT that is dragging me down at 154
  12. Hello! I have a question about reapplying next year on OLSAS. At this point, I have pretty much accepted my fate that I will most likely be rejected from all schools this round haha but was wondering that when I reapply for 2020, do I need to make a brand new OLSAS account? And do I need to ask my references to resubmit their LOR? (feel really bad about asking this of them to do it all over again). Thanks in advance!
  13. Not sure about that but sharing with you what I was directly told by admissions, was just trying to be helpful
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