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  1. My PAWS updated last night. It seems like the class schedule for 1L is out. The confirmation of Enrolment Letter is also working for me. As for the textbooks, only a few show up right now.
  2. Asking for insight as well. I would start off by sharing my experience. I had a one bedroom apartment, within walking distance to the Centre Mall, 6 years ago. I lived there for 2 years and would say it was a safe and quiet neibourhood. The name of the place was Wildwood Villas. The rate at the time was 850 plus electricity. Had one free parking space. Driving to the UofS usually took me 10mins, not in rush hours. I have been checking up renting ads on kjiji for a while, and it seems the rent has not gone up much since I left. $900/month probably would get me a decent one bedroom. It felt to me that the east side is more of a place for students to live. Arguments are welcome here since I had never lived on the west side back then. @2011Eng, what is the ABC disctrict?
  3. @Bolieve, thanks for the info you're putting out here. I'm really curious about the format of the exams at the U of S. I have read and heard some about other schools, but not sure how it applies at here. 1. How many exams did you have per class one average? Just a final, or one or two midterms in addition? 2. Are the exams must be written on a computer, or we could do it on paper if we perfer? 3. How important are the grades at helping you get one of these 20 summer positions for the whole 1L class. Did you also spend quite some time on networking or practicing interviews? I'd really like to know how you balanced the time between study and networking.
  4. Received the offer May 1st. Already sent out the acceptance package as it is the only school I applied to. B2 3.0~, based on my speculation LSAT 156 applied special category Sask connection, went undergrad there for 2 years. See you guys in September.
  5. No, but I applied to special category.
  6. I submitted my immigration paper with the application. I'm guessing that they just need that information to process your file.
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