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  1. Hi, I know this is an unusual question but I'm really confused right now. Would it be ok if I asked this here? I know that the overall consensus is that you really shouldn't go to an international law program (because of how difficult is to practice in Canada). However at the moment, I'm pretty unhappy as a first-year psychology student (in Canada). So, I've applied to a variety of other programs that I've so far had great interest in and could really see myself working in for a long time. They include 1) Law LLB at Glasgow and LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science). I have received an offer and scholarship from Glasgow, and must confirm my acceptance by March 1, 2019 if I want the scholarship. I want to go to LSE, but I'm scared they will answer too late. (LSE has been commonly ranked 3rd after Oxford and Cambridge while Glasgow has been ranked 3rd once or twice). I would be open to staying there after graduation, or taking the exams when I come back (but I know the hardest part is getting the actual job or visa after graduating). 2) Business (major in Marketing/Consumer Behaviour) at 3 Canadian universities (Western, Ryerson, York). Accepted to all 3. 3) Psych - staying at my current university, and continuing my studies in hopes of becoming a counselling psychologist one day. The reason why I hated first year so much is because it is much more science/biology based than I expected, and to become a psychologist I may have to pursue all the way to a PhD + fight for many research positions (that I don't think I would even enjoy). 4) Do Business or Psych for the remaining 3 years, write the LSATs and apply for a Canadian law school. (The most time/money of all of the choices (with my Glasgow scholarship)) What should I do?
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