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  1. Thanks!! This thread was actually really helpful
  2. Thanks! I haven't heard much about surface laptops but I'll look into them. I had a Asus during my undergrad but found it to be slow and battery life became weak after 1.5 years so hoping to find a laptop that will work at its best for the 3 years at least
  3. Any laptop in particular you'd recommend?
  4. Between a Macbook Air/Pro or Windows, which one do most people recommend for law school? I have heard different things about certain software's for tests, exams etc. not working so great on Macbook's so wanted to see if anyone has information/thoughts/opinions on this.
  5. I am interested in social justice, immigration law, and international law. I currently live in Vancouver, love the city, and do see myself settling down in Vancouver in my distant future. However, I am deciding between attending Ottawa or TRU, and am willing to work in either BC or Ontario. I also have no family members or friends in either location so I will be starting from scratch! I have heard great things about Ottawa's variety of classes, mooting, beautiful city, and connections to a large legal community. I also like how close it is to Montreal and still relatively close to Toronto. However, people have expressed concerns with the administration, large class sizes, overcrowded buildings, and an old, run-down law building. The cold winters are also another factor to consider since I have only ever endured a Vancouver winter. I know TRU is currently the newest law school in Canada, and therefor still building up its reputation, but from what I hear their students do very well post graduating. It also seems like the classes are smaller so students and professors have close relationships, and the new law facilities are extremely appealing. Kamloops' location is not the biggest selling point personally, as it is a small laid back town, although I know it is only a 3 hour drive from Vancouver. I also could not find too much information on its programs and if it would be a good fit for my interests. If any current, past, or incoming students could share some insights into the pro's/cons's of attending each school please do! Which would you recommend I choose? Law school is 3 years of my life, and of course the education aspect is important but I also care about my personal life outside of school and want to be happy in a new location with diverse people. Any comments/opinions/information is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Yes! I've been pending since December. I'm debating whether calling them to ask about my application is worth it. Or if I should just stay patient and wait it out. Any thoughts?
  7. It doesn't hurt to double check and get in touch with them. However, I feel as though they contact those who they need to double check with. I know people who received emails asking about the January LSAT but were contacted by different people and at different times. Maybe it could be at the time that your application is in queue about to be reviewed.
  8. I actually received an email from Vicky Kosnik asking if I had taken the January LSAT also.
  9. I had to email them as well and got approved to have my Jan LSAT considered with my application. Without emailing them I don't think they will look at the Jan score.
  10. Also got accepted on February 8th. 3.56 cGPA; 157 LSAT, with good EC's and reference letters.
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