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  1. I indicated my continuing interest to admissions by way of an email. No receipt came back. Did anyone receive any type of acknowledgment after sending their "I am interested in being placed on the waitlist" email? Or just silence. Thanks.
  2. Me too. L2: 3.86 (not yet confirmed) and 152 January LSAT Lets all hope one of the other Western Canada schools begins to move and then perhaps we will.
  3. I have also been waiting. Did admissions say that they are not extending offers to any other applicants on the basis of numbers but have already moved onto the holistic review process? Is this why we have not seen any second round offers yet? Did they give you any type of timeframe or numbers of spaces that have not yet been filled? Sorry for all the questions but I am now very anxious about this. Thank you.
  4. Any ideas on how many offers typically go out during the second round?
  5. To those of you who have posted today did you receive those offers from U of A today via email? Sorry I am new to this forum so am unfamiliar with the timing etc. Thank you and congratulations to all of you who have been accepted.
  6. My L2 is 3.9 however only LSAT is 152. Heavy sigh. Any thoughts on chances of acceptance for 09/19? Thanks.
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