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  1. For the whole year. The majority of the books were used throughout the year since all the classes are full-year.
  2. You can check on the UNB Bookstore's site for the books needed, but it seems there are different books for classes dependent on section/professor. Plus some courses still don't have books yet. Best bet is to wait until mid Aug when we have our sections I guess! I asked my roommate (he is going into 2L) and he said he spent around $1,300 for first year books, though he bought them all new. I'm sure if you asked in the UNB Law Class of 2022 FB group one of the 2Ls would love to sell you theirs! Cheers
  3. Accepted mine. A friend at work who is not on this forum also accepted his offer. Cheers
  4. I say the below with respect and acknowledge your good stats. I can understand that from your position things may not seem fair and waiting out for a decision you really want to hear back from really sucks. But I also say this as one of those 153 LSAT maritimers you seem to be looking down your nose at. I'm also saying this because every time someone tries to explain this to you you seem to escalate into this 'not fair' narrative. In an earlier comment you mentioned the 153 student really shows you what UNB is looking for. I would agree in that the school is looking at factors that cannot be determined by numbers alone. I would also dare suggest that said person perhaps demonstrated other traits that the school was looking for. We do not know if they were accepted simply because they were from the maritimes. Honestly you seem to be blaming maritimers for not leaving room for you at UNB. Why should they when you yourself stated that the main reason you wanted to go there was because of the small student body. Maritimers have been born and raised there, not to mention demonstrated some measure of loyalty to a province that has barely anything going for it (no offence to my NB brothers and sisters, but it is true). You have been accepted to other schools and yet are totally caught up on this 'how dare they' complex directed at UNB; a school that is honestly trying its hardest to maintain the law infrastructure in the province because if they dont then you can count on no one else doing it. This is an assumption, but it seems you want to come in for 3 years to a school with only 96 seats then immediately leave, so honestly why should the school accept you ahead of a maritimer? I'm not saying you shouldn't be allowed in, but I'm trying to put this into perspective, much like IrishStew and CrystalClear. I agree that province preference isn't necessarily fair, but every professional school does it because there aren't enough schools to go around and ultimately people tend to just go back home once they are done. Each school has a duty to maintain the professional structure of the province it is in first and foremost. It may not seem fair, but it is actually an ethical principle that puts the province's health ahead of individuals' desires. If the school accepted only the highest scoring applicants then it would quickly fill its seats with people from the GTA, Montreal, etc because that is where the greatest concentrations of people are. Thus, there would be much less room for maritimers and the province could quickly be beset by hard times. Lastly, regional preferences are certainly not "as unfair as it gets". I would argue that preferences along racial and gender lines would be far worse and have no effective basis when it came to eventual post graduation.
  5. Those are good numbers, so I wouldn't worry about it. People who are given early offers from UNB usually have a mix match of MA, are older, have years of professional experience, professional references (not just academic), know two languages, are in the maritimes, etc. The index matters but it isn't everything.
  6. Accepted today! Regular Category. LSAT: 153 GPA: 3.8 with drops Live in NB
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