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  1. I would recommend that you do some research and find out what resources Windsor has when it comes to supporting students with anxieties. A lot of universities have really made an effort to support their students in the most stressful times of their lives. As far as making friends and socializing I guarantee that you will not be the only person attending Windsor Law who doesn’t know anybody. I’m sure there must a Facebook group or something for the incoming class so why not try to reach out to some people on it if you’re really that nervous Lastly from what I heard outside of some elitism of Big Law the school you attend doesn’t make the student and a JD from an Ontario school will allow to pursue the career path you want. Heck even according to Ultravires survey some Windsor grads even made it on to Bay if that’s your thing. Trust your gut, but at the end day there many people who haven’t been accepted to any law schools that would kill to be in your position. Personally I wouldn’t throw away a sure thing for the chance to marginally improve my chances of getting accepted to Ottawa or Queens next go around. Think about how crappy you would feel getting rejected from those schools again but this time also not having Windsor to fall back on. Think about it rationally: why would apply to Windsor this cycle and waste the time and money you put into the application if you never had any intention of going there. While I can’t guarantee that the admissions committee would hold it against you if you rejected their offer, if I was an admissions officer from Windsor who saw your file next cycle after you were accepted the year before I personally would take someone else over admitting you again because you just showed that you’re not truly interested in the school/won’t appreciate it as much as someone else would.
  2. Was your B2/L2 improved by the marks of the year of classes that just finished? I can’t imagine that the school would take so long to accept you with those stats if you applied with them in January.
  3. What was your CGPA if you don’t mind me asking?
  4. Like it says in the title I am a born and bred Montrealer looking for a change of scenery for personal reasons and would also most likely be applying under the "Access" category. If there are Queen's Law students/recent grads who would feel comfortable private messaging me so that I could ask them a few questions without publicly posting my personal circumstances I would really appreciate it.
  5. Do you mind sharing what field of study you were in? Currently have a CGPA on the lower side but afraid that the fact I majored in history will work against me since as far as I can tell McGill is only really lenient when it comes to science programs.
  6. I've been searching through the thread, but couldn't find the answers I've been looking so if anyone has any info on the following I would really appreciate it. Like the title says I'm a born and bread Montrealer who for personal reasons needs a change of scenery and serious thought about moving to BC starting a new life there. However I'm not sure if it will be possible for me to get accepted at UBC law. In Quebec we have a post secondary program between high school and university called CGEP which replaces one year of university studies. This really hurts me because I went through some serious personal struggles (I won't mention here but have documentation for and is about serious as things can get) during my undergrad that really hurt my cGPA. Also the fact that I went to McGill and have cGPA of 3.6 also works against me because McGill is on the 4.0 scale vs the 4.3 at UBC. If I got my professors to send in the percentage grade to UBC Law admissions would they consider it. There are 4-5 classes I got 90%+ and that can potentially make a huge difference to my cGPA calculation. Assuming nothing can be done about my grades, I'm planning to take the LSAT this summer and I'm only getting 163 on my practice tests (1 month of studying but have stopped to focus on finals). Am I screwed? If anyone has any advice on how to raise it i'd really appreciate it. Reading comp is my worst section as stupid as that sounds. Finally would the fact that I'm fluent in french give me any kind of an edge? I know that BC is nowhere near Qc and that probably very little business would happen between the provinces, but provide any kind of unique selling point from a diversity standpoint? I admit I am operating under the assumption that few people in BC are bilingual based on the interactions I've had with the undergrad students I've met at McGill who come from there. *If anyone has ever had any experience applying in the discretionary category I would also love to hear your input on the process.
  7. Hi Ryn, Thanks so much for doing this. In your experience does the school that an applicant completed their undergrad hold any unofficial weight when interpreting their grades? I know the OLASS has a conversion table, but I noticed that A-'s seemed to viewed the same across all schools. Curious to hear if you guys just go by the raw numbers or take the school into account to some degree when interpreting the marks.
  8. McGill Law does not use the Reviewed-Decision Pending. This is for other faculties, saw your post and asked the admissions office.
  9. People, alumni, and prospective students of Queens law I need your input: While completing my final year of undergrad this year I’m working in the marketing department of a hockey team but didn’t really feel comfortable putting it down on my CV/adding sketch verifiers on OLASS when applied because I only just started when it came time to apply. That being said if I’m still unsure if I should add in now. I haven’t told my boss or any of my colleagues that I applied to law school and have started taking on my own project within the department and I don’t want to tell anyone on the off chance I don’t get in to avoid jeopardizing my future there should I not be admitted. That being said I am unsure if whether or not this is something that could help my chances of being admitted if I do get accepted. I am torn between wanting to help chances of being admitted and not jeopardizing my future contingency plan by adding it to my CV and risk them having call my supervisor unexpectedly -let’s face it working for an NHL team isn’t the worst thing in the world if law school isn’t meant to be. To reiterate: is something that Queens admissions staff would care about or do they really just go by the raw numbers?
  10. 1qaz would it be alright if I private message you to find out more about your situation regarding last 2. During one of my years as an undergrad a close friend of mine committed suicide and I tanked my cGPA but have had some strong years since then and wanted to know if I have any shot of being considered, or if my file will just be discarded due to my shit cGPA. Currently working for the marketing department of a hockey team and hoping to eventually transition into their legal department.
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