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  1. Don't get me wrong I'm really happy for you, but with all these acceptances going out I'm starting to think that the class is full and my chances of making it don't look too great 😓 On that note only two and a half more weeks to go until the Feb 6th LSAT score release date...not sure how I'm gonna last that long so if you guys have any suggestions on ways to avoid the stress of this getting the better of me you know where the inbox is 😂
  2. @archer172 @marsbar @WAG04 Congrats you guys! If the Jan LSAT went my way I'll hopefully see you all in September!
  3. Persistence is key, you should be really proud of how you persevered through the LSAT to get the score you wanted.
  4. I don't want to spam this thread but congrats to @MainJane @WharfRat @lawschool1997 @letsgotolawschool and @leonardo on the good news! Hope to see you guys around next year!
  5. I know that most schools use cGPA as opposed to L2 (with possible exception to the Alberta schools) so I was just wondering if there are fewer schools that would take an applicant with a lower cGPA would Dal be less likely to give them scholarships/reduced tuition rate? If there's anyone on here who went to Dal with a low cGPA and managed to get a scholarship I would love to know more.
  6. It's posts like these I wish we could give out both the 'thanks' reaction and 'laughing' reaction at the same time. I am a man of the people so which would you rathe receive :p
  7. Holy crap! Congrats on the acceptance and monster GPA. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a study group to work with
  8. Well you know what they say, new acquisitions can endanger existing relationships 😂
  9. As a fellow procrastinator thank you! Can't believe how well it worked in UG but everyone I spoked to said law school is a different beast.
  10. Odd I think that there would be more of stigma against 1L guy 'going out' with an upper year female. On that note would it be frowned upon to date undergrads while in law school? Now I'm not talking about a 3L dating a freshman, but let's say 1L dates a U3 or U4 of undergrad.
  11. Please tell me you are exaggerating and that this did not actually happen to someone you went to school with.
  12. To do well enough to have some good career prospects but still be able to enjoy the experience if that even possible lol.
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