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  1. Anything specific translated works you would recommend?
  2. Just curious if the process is the same for people who aren’t not from the Ontario schools but still participated in the process. Do all firms go to all the schools or will some only consider students from U of T/Oz/McGill?
  3. basically you ask it a question shake it and wait for it to generate an answer....It's a joke
  4. Thanks! I've had other people suggest that I read regularly outside of LSAT prep to help me read faster, any material that you would recommend?
  5. This is by far my worst section. The questions I do answer i get right about 75% of the time, but the problem is that I don't have time to do all 4 passages so my score for the section is about 50%. I've been practicing for 2 weeks so I'm getting pretty frustrated. Any advice? Also anything that you guys would recommend in general now that the LSAT is exclusively offered on a tablet? Thanks, LSJ
  6. Hey all, I’ve come to the harsh understanding that McGill Law is out of reach for me and decided to apply to out of province schools that have an agreement with a Quebec civil law school so that I could possibly come back after 3 years of common + 1 year of civil. I know that I’m better off pursuing a civil law degree on the surface, but I feel like this would make the sense for me and is what I’d be most comfortable with (primarily an anglophone who can get by with French but it would ultimately lower my marks in law school). That being said if anyone here has their notes from first year—primarily the civil law aspects of it in English and would be willing to share I would greatly appreciate it. Hope you all have a great semester!
  7. I think you could have expressed that a bit nicer.
  8. Thanks! GL if you’re writing tomorrow
  9. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows if the admissions ticket we have to bring to the testing centre tomorrow has to be printed in colour. I only have a black and white printer at home so would this suffice or should I go to a library so that the picture I uploaded of myself will come out in colour? Thx
  10. That being said if you know 100% that you are not ready for the test Monday than don't take it. Just because she got in doesn't mean that everyone with a crappy first score will come back from it. It is also worth mentioning that she also went up 14 points on her second time so take away from that what you will.
  11. I did try the online version, but that being said I still prefer to have it on paper I did try the online version, but i think that that the only people who save time when it comes to bubbling in answers are the ones who fill each bubble in its entirety. It takes you less than half a second if you do it efficiently. My SO studied for the MCAT this year and trust me when the test is in front of a screen you will tire out much much faster than if it was on paper. Don't worry about the tablets malfunctioning. I'm pretty sure the test time was set for 12:30 specifically because they want to test each tablet the morning before the exam to make sure that no one gets stuck with a lemon.
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