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  1. Interesting, I didn't know that such a study took place. Did you read it online, would you still have the link to it? I'd be curious to give it a read.
  2. Oh cool I didn't even know they had such a category, thanks for sharing and best of luck to you!
  3. With all due respect do you have any concrete examples of how indigenous law students do not have the same career opportunities as white law students? Virtually every large law firm has some sort of diversity and inclusion committee that is dedicated towards making sure that their hiring practices are unbiased. Not to mention that if law is the cutthroat competitive environment that certain people on this forum claim it to be, why would firms hiring a white student who wasn't as good of a lawyer over a racial minority? Why is it that no firm (in Canada) has been sued for racial discrimination/hiring practices in recent years? You can argue that things aren't perfectly 100% equal, fair enough, but to that say that we aren't anywhere close or to suggest that this isn't something that traditional employers don't take seriously is a gross exaggeration.
  4. I think your good. Depending on your financial situation/areas of interest you may even want to consider UofT
  5. What led you guys (or girls) transfer? How has the experience been like getting used to a new law school? Do you feel like the party reputation/collegial reputation of the school was over embellished or undersold? Do the course offerings line up more with your interests? How hard was it to get acclimated to the new school without a having the small group you normally would have as a 1L? Do any of you regret your decisions to transfer? Just trying to get a better idea of being a transfer student to western was like, and thought it could be useful for others to read so I decided to make it a public post. If you don't feel comfortable posting publicly feel free to shoot me a PM!
  6. general or access...asking for a 'friend' 😅
  7. what is a special status applicant? I never even heard of that admissions category?
  8. Right next to the title there's a follow button you can click on to stay up to date without dropping a comment in the future
  9. @Deadpool good point! I forgot that there is a heavy attrition rate when it comes to lawyers working in Bay street firms.
  10. Right maybe i should have defined what I meant by that better. The reason why I made this thread was to get a better idea of the worst case financial scenario would like for someone who self-financed their degree from UofT. Yes money isn't everything and ideally you should take a job that you find fulfilling rather than the one with more 0's on your pay check, but I was just wondering if after years when the 'prestige factor' of UofT wears off people who payed their own way through school and work in a small non-boutique firm feel as though the education was worth it. Law school is such a unique and personal experience so I was just hoping to hear from both sides of the spectrum. The people who secured high paying jobs to allowed them to comfortably pay back their student loans and those did not (wether they intentionally decided to work in less lucrative field of law or not).
  11. @onepost thanks so much for sharing! Maybe it wasn't clear but basically I was just wondering the likelihood of paying off the investment that UofT's tuition without completely sacrificing one's standards of living after/during graduation. I'm still undergrad so I don't know all the ins out surrounding the different types of firms or law related jobs graduates pursue, so i was just trying to get a better idea from graduates who didn't land the "prestigious" well paying positions post graduation.
  12. Fair question. For the purpose of this discussion lets say your starting salary has to be less than 100k and you can't work for either a large national firm, boutique, or clerk for a judge. Everything outside that is fair game, although I'm not sure how many U of T law grads will fall into this category (especially if they are incurring debt to finance their tuition). Maybe a few really have a passion for criminal law or family law, but I'm hoping to be surprised.
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