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  1. I got in with a lower cGPA but with a strong upward trend. If there are any extenuating circumstances that explain why you may have struggled early on and addressed them in your PS that will be a huge help. That being said to echo what @LetMeIn2020 said, your cGPA is below the average and unfortunately that's what UOttawa tends to focus on.
  2. I think that if you explained WHY your GPA wasn't the best that they will be more forgiving. I wasn't a mature applicant but I got accepted with a GPA significantly below the median because I was able to explain why it wasn't the best. (That being said I also killed my last year of undergrad so the upward trend may have been taken into account). Also remember that just because you don't accepted to UofO as a 1L, there's nothing stopping you from transferring there later on. Good luck and hope to see you around fauteux hall someday....assuming that Covid doesn't force to live indoors permanently.
  3. Honestly I think you may be better off just asking specific questions. From what I heard the 1L classes are pretty much the same across most schools in Canada so I'm not sure how much the syllabus will tell you. Prior to starting 1L I actually went on ratemyteacher.com to get a sense of students thought of my future profs and all this did was stress me out for nothing lol. IMHO you'll great education no matter which law school you attend and I would base my decision other factors (where do you want to practice? did one school offer you financial aid/scholarship money?...etc).
  4. I'm currently not living in the Ottawa area, so I was hoping that someone could fill me in on what the job market for student jobs appears to be this summer. If firms are going to be hiring fewer students, should I start applying earlier? Should I be looking for jobs anywhere and everywhere (outside of Ottawa)? When would be a good time to start cold calling/emailing firms that I'm interested in? Obviously there's a lot up in the air right now, but for those currently working in Ottawa what do you think the summer student job market will look like?
  5. Did this actually happen? I mean I get some people taking school work more seriously than others but for fucks sake it's law school. Paying 20K+ to just do the bare minimum and fuck around isn't something I can imagine people doing, let alone futures lawyers.
  6. I got in off the waitlist towards the end of June. Knowing my exact LSAT score isn't going to help you since I provided the school with supporting documentation of why it was significantly lower than it otherwise should have been. I also sent them a screenshot of my May score/percentile rank so it very well could have been that score that got me in. If you're still on the waitlist/waiting to hear back good luck!
  7. How long is your attention span? I personally enjoyed only having to do 3 sections in row and getting the whole thing over in ~2 hrs vs having to do an extra 2 sections after a 15 min break that stretched the process out to over 3.
  8. I got admitted into the English JD section, but I was wondering if I would be able to take some courses in the french JD section? Obviously the first year courses are set for us, but I was thinking more along the lines of upper year courses. I did some post secondary education in french so I'm not to worried about issues of language proficiency and I figure that doing this would 'prove' to employers that I'm bilingual and help set me apart in the job hunt. Also how much interaction can those of us in the English JD section expect to have with students in the French JD/civil law sections? Can we join the same clubs/student associations as each other or does every group just do their own thing?
  9. Went through a few of UOttawa's law profs on rate my teacher and let's just say that there were some concerning things that were said about a few of them. Don't want to mention particular names or anything but I was wondering if a current student/recent grad could share what he/she thought of the profs?
  10. it was a few days before I made this post
  11. rejected about a month or so ago cGPA 3.4ish (access category) L2: 3.7-3.8 (self calculated) LSAT: low 150s
  12. rejected about a month or so ago cGPA 3.4ish (access category) L2: 3.7-3.8 (self calculated) LSAT: low 150s
  13. rejected about a month or so ago cGPA 3.4ish (access category) L2: 3.7-3.8 (self calculated) LSAT: low 150s
  14. Was debating wether or not to post this for anonymity reasons, but figure that it might give some hope to low cGPA applicants who view this in the future. cGPA 3.4ish (access category) L2: 3.7-3.8 (self calculated) LSAT: 164 May LSAT Flex (not sure if they took this score into account, if not my highest LSAT before this was in the 150s). My hands are literally shaking as I type this. @capitalttruth you're the first person I chatted with on this forum so I guess it's only fitting for things to come around full circle and go to law school with you as well! Looking forward to getting to know the rest of you over zoom calls in my pjs 😂😂😂
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