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  1. No, I was potentially interested in going when I had written my application and I wrote very passionately about small town law as I'm from a small town. Not quite sure what "saw right through" my submission is supposed to mean either. It's not as though I was trying to be deceitful or was only applying for the hell of it.
  2. Rejected yesterday through email. cGpa:3.53, B2 3.8, 166 LSAT. Wasn't interested in going but definitely did not expect to get rejected. Wrote about small town practice in my PS and I'm not from northern Ontario.
  3. I've provisionally accepted to Western, don't believe that there is any average that needs to be kept. Your offer is likely contingent on you finishing your degree or not failing a course. That being said, if every mark were in the 60s it would maybe be possible for the admissions committee to rescind their offer?
  4. Yeah exactly! I should've been clearer, I've been "under evaluation" since mid-February. Good luck!
  5. Accepted this morning. 166 LSAT, 3.7 L2 and 3.53 cGpa. Weak extra curriculars, good work experience and filled out the diversity statement part of the application.
  6. Kind of confused about this admission process, how are people being accepted off of the wait list but I haven't heard back at all yet? No email, nothing on OLSAS. Would this be because I wrote the LSAT in January? cGPA - 3.53, L2 - 3.7, LSAT - 166 EDIT: I have provisionally accepted an offer from Western, but wished to be considered for all of my other choices. Not sure if this should have an effect.
  7. Jeez, high L2s and good LSATs. Didn't know Western placed this high of a weight on cGPA, assuming that was the reason why. Hopefully you get in off the wait list.
  8. Wow, more competitive than I thought! Thanks for the reply.
  9. High LSATs. What GPA do they like? Didn't apply to UBC, just curious.
  10. 3.53 GPA and 166 LSAT, been in queue since mid-February, nothing but radio silence. I've started to get a little frustrated with schools that I haven't heard back from (Queens, Osgoode and Ottawa).
  11. Can't speak for all schools, but Western has a deadline for the deposit of June (or July) first. So at least in that case you don't have to pay the deposit when provisionally accepting their offer.
  12. I only got one from both Dalhousie and Western as I haven't been accepted into Ottawa. I would think in their acceptance email that they would tell you if they sent something to you!
  13. I don't think so, you should only have to accept through OLSAS. The package you get from law schools in the mail should have given you detailed advice on what to do. I know mine from Western did.
  14. Accepted at 12:15 p.m. today. cGPA 3.53 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 166 Average PS and ECs. Finished my application on February 28th. Ontario resident.
  15. I think a big issue that I see a lot is that people take their grade average as a percentage and then convert it to what that would be on the GPA scale. The GPA is calculated by adding the GPA of all 10 credits for a year and then dividing the sum of those numbers by 10. For example, my cGPA is only a 3.53, even though I had a cumulative average over my 4 years of 81%. I'm going to say that you haven't calculated your L2 correctly as you're still basing it on your cumulative average. As for law school, it's difficult to say based on those stats. I will guess that you'll need above a 165 to be competitive at many schools such as Western or Queens. Not sure about others. EDIT: I did base everything that I said on the 4.0 scale - not sure if it still applies to a 4.3 scale as I'm not familiar with the grading system.
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