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  1. Shortly before the early application deadline in late November.
  2. Apologies. I was in the middle of something else when I posted this and I forgot to put up my stats again. CGPA 3.3, 152 LSAT, good ECs, indigenous.
  3. Just got the email! Will be accepting.
  4. Just found out I was unsuccessful. CGPA 3.3, 152 LSAT, good ECs, indigenous.
  5. It sure gets the heart racing seeing that there's an email from TRU in your inbox, doesn't it? Then the let down when it's an open house invitation!
  6. They must have lots of indigenous applicants.
  7. UBC just emailed me today saying no bueno. Looks like the results from January LSATs might have triggered some movement-my status switched from app forwarded for review to law-committee review with UVic yesterday.
  8. I also applied in late November (prior to the early application deadline). I received an email saying to expect a reply by the end of February and haven't heard anything yet. Glad to hear other people are in the same boat though.
  9. I've applied to all three BC law schools as an Indigenous applicant and my application has been forwarded for review at each one. I've been told by one to expect a decision by the end of the month. I don't think it's unusual to wait this long for indigenous applicants. Best of luck!
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