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  1. Waitlisted in early April GPA: 82.x LSAT: 164 My waitlist rank is in the 40's. I had my GPA confirmed but to my knowledge it didn't seem to include marks that I had taken at a college while still in high school (otherwise my GPA would be slightly higher).
  2. Thanks for the updates, everyone. I have a slightly lower index score (self-calculated around 91.2-91.4), so it looks like I'll be quite borderline. Hope I won't need to retake the LSAT.
  3. Thanks Malarchy! What's your current status on your tracker? Mine is still "File complete - awaiting evaluation."
  4. Thanks turbotom. It's a shame as my GPA is higher without the prerequisites but it is what it is.
  5. Apologies if this has already been answered, as I wasn't able to find a thread in the past few pages. I am wondering whether they count any non-degree year(s) towards the calculation of my GPA. For example, I needed to take at least a year or two of prerequisites to get into my main undergraduate program, which grants a bachelor degree. Do those first few years count towards my GPA? If yes, do courses I've taken after graduation as an unclassified student also count as well? I would call the admissions office but I think they might be busy right now with all the LSAT updates. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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