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  1. Yeah I think they do place a considerable amount of weight on cGPA. It does say on the website that they prefer a high cGPA to a high L2, by and large. Seems to me that’s Queens and Dal are better bets for L2 applicants than Western.
  2. Wait list! cgpa: 3.07 L2: 3.71 LSAT: 164
  3. Rejected today. CGPA: 3.07, L2: 3.71, LSAT: 164 A little surprised to be honest, but not fussed. Was my last pick, and have already been accepted elsewhere.
  4. Didn’t realize Queen’s did L2. Definitely good to know!
  5. They are. That number is straight from my OLSAS portal. First 2 years are pretty rough. Last 3 are a significant difference. I spent more time than I care to admit putting together a spreadsheet based on my transcript to give me all of these numbers and confirm the OLSAS assessment haha.
  6. I didn’t convert to or from OLSAS for 4.3; I used my transcript and converted my grades directly to 4.3 using the weighted scale guide on Dal’s website (I only converted the grades from my final 2 years). But yeah that’s what I ended up getting. I think it’s because I have a good number of “A” grades; which increase in weighted value by a decent amount on the 4.3 scale, as opposed to “A-“ or “B+“ grades.
  7. Ah good point; I’m pretty confident in my PS and references. EC’s are nothing to write home about, but decent I think. Yeah I’m assuming my odds are lowest at Ottawa of those three, but I don’t really know. Appreciate the input 🙂
  8. As in title... I know my cGPA is pretty weak. My L2, L3 (I did 5 years) and LSAT are all ok I think... I’ve only written the LSAT once. L2 is 3.76 on 4.3 scale. Mostly interested in Dal, UofO and Western, but I’m honestly not overly fussed; would consider anywhere within Canada. I don’t think I would qualify for access, so applying general. What do you all think? Thank you in advance 🙂
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