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  1. Just got a random question, what number did you call TRU on? I've been trying to get ahold of them for almost 2 months, no luck.
  2. Hello all I have been researching and I'm thinking of pursuing my law degree at a US Law school. My GPA and LSAT score aren't the greatest and for that reason I'd like to acquire a law degree from the US. What US law schools would you guys recommend?
  3. Hello, I have applied to law schools around Canada and quite frankly don't believe I will be admitted as my GPA and LSAT aren't the greatest, although I was working at a family owned construction business while my undergraduate degree I don't think that will make that big of a difference. I am now considering going to Law School in the US or even UK. Would you guys suggest going to Law school in the US and if so which Law school would be best fit for Canadian students who would like to come back and study in Canada, or would you guys recommend just going to Leicester Law?
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