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  1. In Canada we call them summary and indictable offenses
  2. Do you have to apply for anything for admissions scholarships, or do they just reach out to you?
  3. Calling the admissions office takes 5 minutes. If it's a no, which it most likely will be, then yes move on and focus on the next cycle. Asking never hurts, even if it's a 1% chance
  4. I would just contact Wanda. If you have a really high GPA and a really good reason to need to go to law school next year, and some sort of explanation as to why you've recently come to reason that you want to become a lawyer, and that cannot wait, then I can see UNB as being one of, if not the only, school in Canada to make that exception. Even then, I'd say your chances are real slim and you'd have to be a top notch candidate (3.9, 170) with great reasons for the above... PLUS they'd have to have a spot open that they don't want to fill with someone on the waitlist for some reason. Doesn't hurt to ask though.
  5. So you're assuming all scholarships have been sent out then?
  6. Is there a requirement to even practice law?
  7. Yeah I'm not sure, but truthfully I've gotten into schools I'd probably prefer to go to over Lakehead, so I'm not too bummed about it. In Ontario I got rejected from UofT and I'm waiting on Windsor, but I got into UNB, Sask, TRU, and Manitoba. Still waiting on my top choices, like Calgary, UBC and UVic... Hopefully one of them accept me
  8. I'm assuming @LittleMissMolly would want to replace her MacBook with a new MacBook. Going from PC to Mac and vice versa is kind of a pain. I've done it, and it's manageable, but if I'm going to shell out any money to buy a new laptop it's going to be the premium to purchase a new MacBook because that's what I prefer. It's also lasted me 7 years so far since my last $1500 purchase, so I have faith in them. Those cheap laptops will not last you that long- I can assure you that.
  9. Rejected last night, as expected. UofT was a longshot for me and I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring. cGPA: 3.7 LSAT: 159
  10. How does one become a law professor? What is the logical path?
  11. What's your rationale there? And how far East are you talking?
  12. My understanding is that everyone has different deadlines. Usually 3 weeks after they're accepted
  13. Waitlisted today. cGPA: 3.7 LSAT: 159 Experience with aboriginal communities. Career experience as well after graduating from school.
  14. From what I've read on here it's difficult, but not impossible, to move provinces after just a few years of practising. I'd go to Queen's if I were you. UBC's reputation is not that much higher than Queen's, and you can visit for a vacation out West as often as you'd like. Also, you'll need to fly back and forth to BC several times a year to a) go home and b) interview for positions. Those flights aren't cheap. Cost of living in BC is also significantly higher than in Kingston, so what you're saving in tuition you'll be paying in travel, tourism and rent. It won't add up to the same amount of money, but you'll have an easier time getting jobs in Ontario. Queen's is a great law school.
  15. They will accept without waiting if you're already a great applicant, just as @Aschenbach said
  16. I've been accepted to 3 different schools following my third writing of the LSAT in January. One school also accepted me without seeing the Jan LSAT results after I took the Nov LSAT
  17. UBC has the best rep of the 3 nationally (and probably in New York). All 3 aren't the best options for your goals. Attending any Ontario school is likely better than attending UofC if you want to work in Toronto (maybe other than a select few)
  18. What does access category typically mean? I have seen a lot of people mention they applied access on this site.
  19. Okay here are a lot of points: - Your scores aren't good enough for early admission to any of those schools - This is so early in the cycle for someone to feel down for your score because some schools haven't even dug into their waitlist yet - You'll be a waitlist admit if you get in, and that won't be for a few more months if I had to wager - You can still apply to masters programs. I know of some programs that still have apps open - Jobs? You can literally get a job whenever you want on your schedule if you're a university graduate. Wouldn't you be getting a summer job anyways before law school? Get a summer job, and if you don't get in then apply for full-time jobs in your field. Seems like you need to start thinking about solutions to your problems rather than how "terrible of a position you're in". Solutions will make you feel better. Cheer up and good luck with the admissions process
  20. Let's examine a worst case scenario (and I'm in a similar one to be honest). You've been accepted to another school and you're waiting on UNB. Pay the $300 deposit and choose a 1A backup plan for a school you've been accepted to. If you do end up going there then it's added to your tuition payments. If you don't, then you just paid $300 for additional flexibility that you wouldn't have otherwise had. In the grand scheme of things after 3 years of law school what is $300? I don't want to waste money either, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It doesn't take a month to move across the country. Realistically if you're in a bind you could do it in a week. Sooner the better, but your worst case scenario of wasting $300 and having to move across the country in a week doesn't seem that bad. Plus, I don't think it'll come down to the wire like that. As for your argument, I think people just disagree that local applicants should be given preference. There are arguments for and against this process, and UNB obviously feels as though seats should be saved for Maritimers.
  21. Signalling for a 2L job- no. But paying debt is big. I assume better paying jobs for 1L are going to be legal-related jobs (big assumption and I may be wrong). You could make more money serving, but there's a balance between wanting to earn money and wanting to enjoy the summer. Serving can take a toll with the hours
  22. Ditto. Really hope there aren't many people in this year's class grandiose senses of entitlement. Belittling Maritimers who have been accepted is rude. Clevermoose: you'll likely be accepted. It's rolling admissions and you have great stats.
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