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  1. Do you have to do a personal statement for Dal law? If so, where is the question/info for it... lol i am having a lot of difficulty finding it.
  2. Thanks for the help everyone... So if I don't add any LSAT score on file and wait to do the January LSAT and then send that...will anything happen with UFT law?
  3. Also here are my marks (brackets are my marks on scale of 4): Bachelors Cumm: 3.83/4.3 scale (3.7/4) Bacherlors last 2 years: 3.973/4.3 (3.7 or 3.9/4 - cannot remember) Bacherlos of Ed Program: 4.13/4.3 (4/4) Masters Program: 3.9/4 LSAT mark: projecting at least 166, but aiming for 170+
  4. Hey folks, This November cycle will be my first time applying to law schools in Canada. I am very much interested in applying to several law schools (UBC, UFT, U-OTTAWA, UWO, U-Windsor, Queens, York, Ryerson & more lol). However, I am not sure about how to approach this. Here is the dilemma I am having (maybe I am over thinking this – but not sure): I am currently interested in working in human rights law. However, this is based upon my limited experiences, etc. I am sure when I go to law school – maybe one of the courses may interest me in another type of law. Since most law schools basically have the same first year courses and from my understanding its in the second year of law school you begin selecting courses in the respective field you would like to pursue – do I apply to any law school (whether or not it has a good human rights program rep)? Or try to focus on schools that do? Am also approaching this wrong? As a side question, say if you want the January LSAT to be the LSAT the schools view as your final LSAT mark, yet you have other LSATs on file – do the schools then wait? Or do the schools ask which test mark they want to view? How does this process work? Thanks for all the help in advance because I feel like I am a lonely sail boat in a deep sea right now LOL.
  5. Definitely agree with the above - make sure you take in your learning style. I see it to often that students: a) are not realistic with their timelines b) underestimate the exam c) have wrong study habits. The LSAT is a process - its a marathon. If someone told you they'd like to lose 60lbs in two months - most folks would be like that is not realistic for obvious reasons. But what really takes place is that you are actually taking into account a) the persons timeline b) how fit they are c) their diet habits etc. Similarly, apply that with the LSAT. With respect to Tutors - tutors can definitely help. You can use them as a study skill coach (which is HUGE) or for certain question types you are having difficulty with. But it solely depends on you. With courses - 7sage thus far with addition to the LSAT Trainer book is the best. G'luck!
  6. Thanks for the advice! For those who have scored a high LSAT and have received an entrance scholarship, what was the amount of the scholarship?
  7. Hey everyone, Not sure which section this belongs in - but just wanted to get your thoughts on the following matter: I know for American schools - students receive better admission entrance scholarships when they have a stronger LSAT mark (ex. 164 vs. 172). However, I was wondering if inputting the study effort + time needed to go from 164 vs. 172 - if it is worth it when applying to Canadian law schools? Do Canadian laws schools offer large entrance admission scholarships for those students with better LSAT marks? The only reason why I am asking is that studying for the LSAT takes a long time to perfect. And as you get older means more responsibility and more time you have to put to other things. I made a pros and cons list below, but just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the matter. Currently this what is on my plate: my Masters Program, 15+ hour work weeks & studying for the LSAT + being married LOL. Pros: - With my strong extra curricular activities, GPA - I think with a decent GPA I can easily get in - Can look for full time work with the saved time - All the emotional, physical & mental strain with trying to crush this exam is gone LOL Cons: - larger loan due to probably not getting a strong LSAT mark Thanks for the advice in advance.
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