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  1. Hello ! I'm waitlisted too ! I think we will be accepted if someone with stronger records refuse their admissions :') Don't take it as the granted truth but I've heard that there's a ranking, although the law school cannot display it. Good luck to all of you still waiting !
  2. Hi again, To Cyruszzz and letsgetin2019, I have a friend who did not get a call for an interview and so, I asked the committee after my interview to see if he should still be hoping or not. And they told me there's two rounds, the next one is in late April. When exactly? Maybe 20 something? As for the refusals, admissions and waitlist, I don't know how the Faculty of Law is handling them. I know no one around me except my friend who applied at McGill either so can't help with that, sorry 😕 His statue is still "Ready for review". Have a great day!
  3. Hello !! First, letsgetin2019, I received a call two weeks ago. Even after passing the interview, my statue is still ''ready for review''. I receive a confirmation e-mail for the date and time for my interview, but no e-mail of acceptance (cuz you need to be accepted to receive it). Also, the next round of the interview is at the end of April. So don't lose faith if you did not yet receive any news ! It means "there may be still hope". According to the holistic approach of McGill, if your personal statement is strong, your CV is good and your two references are good too, it should be allright And for montrealer2019 and Cyruszzz, the interview isn't so bad. it was somehow fun (and stressing, indeed) to discuss with the admission committee. But they try to make you feel comfortable, they give you cookies and water Except basic questions like ''Why Law", "Why not an undergraduate first" and "What do you fear about your study in Law school", there were more specific questions about my CV and personal statement. It is hard to tell which type of questions they will ask you if you get into an interview because those questions are very personal. Only you may know the answer. So just be mentally prepared to have a coherent answer and mostly, be yourself. It is stressing but I think they mostly want to get to know you more. Ah, and talk about what you expect from your studies! It's 20-25min long, it's very short. But I was only called for an interview, so maybe those aren't good advices, you may want to ask from someone who got in. Good luck again !
  4. Hi, My R score is 34.9. Except being part of a book club and the school Amnistie International club, I don't have other extra-curriculars. No job either. I assume that my personal statement was what convince the applicant office to call me for an interview. I focused on my interest to practise law and my perseverance at school. My references should also be good. As for legal knowledge, I doubt they would ask because we are only cegep applicants and we don't usually have contact with law otherwise. However, let's assume that they want to test our critical thinking and see if we are able to take position on a subject on the news. Good luck!
  5. Hello I'm currently attending cégep and I applied to McGill law school a month ago. I was really thrilled to receive a call for an interview yesterday. The lady over the phone told me the interview would be about my CV and personal statement and teachers will ask me some questions about the news to test my general knowledge. Still, do you guys have any tips for the interview? Good luck to all applicants !
  6. Bonjour, Je me permets de me joindre Ă  la discussion Si le marchĂ© de l'emploi en tant qu'avocat est saturĂ© au QuĂ©bec, qu'en est-il d'un baccalaurĂ©at en droit? Autrement dit, est-ce que faire de plus longues Ă©tudes peut ĂȘtre un moyen d'augmenter les chances d'embauche? Et un baccalaurĂ©at en droit est-il vraiment un atout, si on dĂ©cide, finalement, de ne pas vouloir exercer en cabinet ? Je pense notamment Ă  la connaissance en droit dans des domaines tels que l'environnement. Merci beaucoup!
  7. À vrai dire, je n'ai pas pu visiter l'universitĂ© Laval 😅 Du coup, merci beaucoup Ă  vous deux de me donner Ă  la fois un aperçu du programme ainsi que les petits inconvĂ©nients ici et lĂ  des infrastructures de l'universitĂ©. Je m'assurerai d'avoir bien chargĂ© mon laptop! Sinon, on va espĂ©rer que les choses s'amĂ©lioreront bientĂŽt dans ce fameux pavillon et que ce ne serait pas un 2e MontrĂ©al toujours en rĂ©paration !! :) Bonne soirĂ©e Ă  vous !
  8. Salut !! Merci pour ta réponse, ULavalrunner ! Ta réponse m'aide (déjà!) à faire clarifier mes choix d'universités. Pour l'instant, Laval est mon premier choix. Je suis heureuse de savoir que tu te plaßs là. Est-ce que je pourrais te demander comment tu trouves les classes (genre, est-ce qu'elles sont grosses?? est-ce que les examens valent pour 65%, des trucs comme ça ?) C'est vrai que niveau compétition, j'ai entendu moi aussi entendu des horreurs sur UdeM et la lecture d'un roman sur la faculté de droit de l'UdeM m'a traumatisée T-T. Pour applicant19, ma cote R est de 34.9. Et j'ai appliqué vraiment tÎt donc je pense que ça a joué sur mon admission précoce. Bonne chance !
  9. Bonjour bonjour, Il reste deux semaines avant la fin des admissions universitaires. J'ai appliqué en droit à l'université Laval et j'ai déjà été acceptée (youhou!). Par contre, comment trouvez-vous le droit à Laval? Est-ce que les professeurs sont à l'écoute? Comment est l'ambiance de la cohorte?Y a-t-il des possibilités de s'impliquer, etc? Merci de partager vos expériences :)
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