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  1. I just finished 1L at Windsor and I’m happy to sell all my books for a reasonable price if anyone wants to pm me.
  2. Is anyone selling Windsor Law 1L books?
  3. You should have received an email nearly a month ago with a link to a blackboard for all 1L students with details re: academic orientation, social orientation, readings for next week etc. I would call them so you can be provided the link and log in info so you can be looped in.
  4. Hi all-looking for some insight for the best internet providers in Windsor. Can anyone vouch for a provider that isn’t bell or Rogers that they’d recommend?
  5. Has anyone applied to any scholarships, bursaries, etc. yet? Or can anyone speak to windsors financial aid and what we can expect in terms of receiving anything?
  6. Nothing from queens and it’s June. Has anyone contacted admissions lately to ask about when we may hear from them if we haven’t yet?
  7. To those who paid in the last few days- has your student account been updated to reflect that?
  8. As indicated in everyone’s wait list letter, we can submit a one page letter outlining our extracurriculars between submitting our application and now. Is anyone familiar with how it should be formatted? The autobiographical sketch submitted with the application left us with something like 140 characters to describe the activity, so should we keep it consistent to that, or would it look more like our personal statements? Also, who should it be directed to, the admissions committee, the Associate dean, etc? Any insight would be awesome!
  9. That’s awesome! I’ll definitely inquire. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts/opinions- always happy to hear more from others.
  10. For those recommending using a laptop for taking notes/writing exams - which one would you recommend?
  11. Is a laptop an absolute must in law school? I’ve always preferred to hand write notes and have gotten away with doing my work on my iPad/keyboard combo. thoughts?
  12. Is the meet and greet only for admitted students?
  13. I didn’t want to make an entire new thread to ask this so- under what circumstances should an applicant update their application to add new job or volunteer experience since submitting the application? Is there a way to do this?
  14. Hi all, Can January 2019 lsat test takers shed some light on whether or not their score has been uploaded to their application yet? I indicated in my application that I would be writing in January 2019, and I recall my November score being posted instantly under “document tracking” but my January 2019 score has not yet been updated. Is this normal? thanks!
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