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  1. There are also generational sections though. At least in BC, there's a Young Lawyers section as well as a Senior Lawyers section.
  2. If you're going to a 4-day work schedule, why wouldn't you have essentially two shifts to cover this issue? You'd never be closed on Monday if you have one set of employees working e.g. Sunday - Wednesday, and the others Wednesday - Saturday. Or, if we want some semblance of not being open on weekends, Mon-Thurs and Tues-Fri. You just need to be careful to ensure there's at least one of each shift on each file, and you never have an unstaffed (business) day where the client can't get hold of someone.
  3. I did some comp sci classes in undergrad. What that helped me most with in practice is how I structure contracts; it's easy for me to visualize them as a program. I also learned habits through coding which keep my legal work, like my code, lean and clean. I want it to be easy for future me to work with when it comes to revisions. I've spent a lot of time reworking firm precedents to have simple variables that I can just "find/replace" on the first pass of a document. Obviously there's more tweaking to be done, but that helps with some of the inanity of doing the same thing over and over again. Also makes it harder to accidentally send a contract with artifacts from whatever original document you're pulling from. That efficiency isn't great for billable hours though! My old firm developed proprietary software that was an absolute godsend; can't discuss more without busting (what little remains of) my anonymity, but suffice to say when you bill a flat fee and have ~80% of the work automated, it's a good thing. And I'm not just saying that from a more money perspective, I think it was good for our clients too. Faster final service, fewer mistakes on the rote stuff, and more capacity for us to spend time and brainpower on actual advice. ETA: a programmer friend and I keep "joking" about creating some legal software that would solve a bunch of problems (*ahem PC Law*). It helps to be able to speak their language when trying to explain the workflow, and what lawyers may want from software.
  4. The Docket podcast has a few good eps about the Chan decision, as well as a discussion of McLaren's article. It was a touch snarky, but given how wrong she is in her piece, perhaps not unjustified. http://www.michaelspratt.com/poadcast-legal-matters/extreme-intoxication-entrapment-and-police-brutality http://www.michaelspratt.com/poadcast-legal-matters/media-literacy-and-criminal-law
  5. Junior at a small firm here - I bring my puppy and one of the partners brings their dog into the office all the time. I made sure I asked everyone if it would be ok if he came into the office before I got him. Without that flexibility, combined with WFH, I probably wouldn't have gotten a dog at this point. Keep in mind different breeds have different energy and exercise needs. That being said, puppies are, across the board, fucking exhausting, mostly because of the attention resources you have to give them for training and making sure they don't eat something that will kill them.
  6. Too real. I'm exhausted. Remember a while back when I said my industry, once up and running again, would be absofuckinglutely bonkers and my firm would be busier than ever? Yeah, it's happening. I put time in on 20 separate files yesterday, and that doesn't include the ones that I pushed off to today (which are the ones that I keep pushing off in order to put out fires), or any of the potential clients who contacted me. I worked through the whole holiday, and didn't get to take the vacation I'd scheduled for last week because of a surprise Friday client deadline. I desperately need a bit of time off to reset, but I can't relax because of the flood of work that comes in every day. Any time Present Berty tries to take off just makes Future Berty's workload even worse. But I also know I can't be effective and do good work if I keep running on empty. Plus also the puppy is a teenager and has started to do jerk teenager things and I love him but oh boy is he getting on my last nerves. At least he drags me outside a few times per day, and the weather was glorious in Vancouver today. I have confidence that we will make it through this, but it feels sloggier every damn day. Sending everyone a bit of extra strength. I don't know if it'll help, but maybe we could do a LS.ca social event? Zoom trivia or some shit? Just to keep spirits up?
  7. Yeah but the 6 bags of chips and entire pan of brownies you eat after definitely aren't
  8. Whoa, didn't realize I was being a major asshole by circulating pdfs 😬 I usually do it because, no matter what operating software the other party is using, they can open a pdf. Always happy to send the Word document if requested; my standard practice if I get a pdf from OC is to convert internally.
  9. Just a note that totem poles are not hierarchical, and this is an inappropriate and appropriating idiom. The figure at the bottom is supporting the rest of the pole, which could be looked at as a major honour. Please consider substituting in: most junior rank position of least power / knowledge / experience lowest rung on the ladder redshirt (although this one typically means some baaaad shit is about to happen!)
  10. Technically the first weekend I worked was a comped trip to a conference 2 weeks after I started at my current firm Schmoozing is hard, ok? I didn't actually work on a weekend until a few months into my first year of practice (#smallfirmlyfe) but it was a real doozy. The senior lawyers were all on vacation (some transoceanic, some in the backwoods), and it was the first time I was in charge of closing a big international deal alone. Friday at 7pm, we were still negotiating the main terms for this closing that absolutely had to be on Monday, which - of course - was a stat. US OC was being a nitpicky curmudgeon and pushed back on everything, down to the last comma. Then, both sides signed the wrong version of the agreement, then decided they wanted a different entity to be party to the agreement, which would have been a tax nightmare for our client (talked them out of that, thankfully!), etc., etc., etc. All while 80% of the firm was completely unreachable. 🙃 Since then, I've had a few weekends where I need to put in decent hours, but nothing quite so gauntlet-y.
  11. CrunchBerries is a practicing lawyer... And also, I'm assuming, was being facetious.
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