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  1. In today as well, no email yet. Applied access. CGPA: 3.3 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 172 P.S. The whole process of applying to law school has been super stressful. I just want to thank everyone on this forum. I'm sure I would have blown a gasket if I didn't have you guys as a resource
  2. Mett is right. I called Western a little while back, they said another wave is coming soon.
  3. Hey all, I'm sure that, like me, a lot of you are super anxious about when the next round of acceptances is going to come out. I called Western today. They said the next wave would be sent out in a week at the earliest, two weeks at the latest. Good luck everyone!
  4. I think it could still be a while. I heard through a friend of a friend that a lot of law schools are running behind schedule this year. I think it has something to do with the change to a Jan lsat. I got the sense that the delay could last until April. This is totally unverified info though, so take it with a grain of salt.
  5. Haven't heard from any school yet. That's why I'm feeling anxious. Comforting to hear about UofT - thanks.
  6. lol. Not a joke. I'm just super paranoid and I've been trying to think of anything that might screw up my application.
  7. Put in queue on the 27th. Filled out part B. Last name H
  8. I know my stats look fairly strong for Western and Queens, but for my last 2 years I've been taking four courses instead of 5. I'm feeling fairly paranoid about how having a lighter course load will factor into schools' decisions, does anyone have detail on this? I say my L2 is around 3.7 because I took summer courses. If summer courses are included in the calculation I would have a 3.7 L2, if not I have a 3.61 L2.
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