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  1. I'll admit that this is a little extreme, but a couple times a week I did two practice tests back to back without breaks between the sections. Took a lot out of me at first but it definitely forces you to be mentally disciplined and makes the actual LSAT feel quick and breezy.
  2. I got into Western and Windsor with a 3.3 GPA, L2 a bit under 3.7, and a 172 LSAT. If you hit the 170s you definitely have a great shot at those schools plus a few others. I still like your odds if you hit around the high 160s. When I started RC was my worst section too - what really helped me was focusing less on notation/highlighting and instead putting effort into really understanding and digesting the passage. When I started doing that I took way longer to read the thing, but I could answer much faster and with greater accuracy. Your mileage may vary though. I also found that just doing practice sections helped a lot. Best of luck and kick ass
  3. You have fine stats, you definitely have a shot of getting in - plenty of people get by with worse marks (I got in to multiple schools with GPA/L2 of 3.3/3.7). It all depends on your LSAT - I think your first priority should be trying a diagnostic so you can properly evaluate yourself. A 160+ should give you a more than even chance, especially at L2 schools. My personal, biased opinion is that unless you are really interested in the field, an MA is not worthwhile. I don't have an MA nor have I seriously looked into getting one, so that opinion probably isn't worth much. Good luck!
  4. Well said. @Lawstudentdreamz Keep practicing, see if you improve once you have your bearings.
  5. My family member graduated at least 20 years ago, my info is out of date. They were hired to one of the big firms that today hire through OCIs. Still though, having an MBA will give an applicant bargaining power if they're applying to a boutique firm or a firm without a rigid pay structure. See above. Lol, ya in retrospect I should have considered that the experience of a grad two decades ago probably isn't representative of today 😛
  6. I have a lawyer in the family, they have their MBA. I am not currently a lawyer - all that I say is secondhand information from them. From what they've said to me, an LLM has very little value if you intend on actually practicing law. It is useful if you plan on being an academic. An MBA however can be very valuable. The process of getting an MBA entails some great networking opportunities (assuming you plan on going into business law). An MBA may prove useful if you plan on opening your own firm. If you're determined to join a prestigious firm, an MBA makes you generally more appealing, and if you're otherwise a strong candidate it gives you a lot of bargaining power. I know that when the lawyer in my family graduated they had their pick of the top firms and was able to demand a higher than average starting salary and benefits. They strongly suggest getting an MBA purely based on the doors it opens. Please note that when my family member got their MBA it cost roughly $8,000 in tuition each semester. In my opinion, an MBA is now prohibitively expensive unless you know exactly what you'll do with it and you know that as an investment it will pay off for you.
  7. With a L2 of 3.44 and LSAT of 173 you could get into Western and Queens, but it's not a guarantee. If you bump that L2 to a 3.6 I would say you have a pretty darn good chance of getting in. Good luck and congrats on the LSAT
  8. 3.3 gpa, with 172 LSAT. Accepted by Western and Windsor. I was not rejected from U of T, Queens, or Osgoode but I firmly accepted before I heard back from any of them. Edit: and I just saw that the post was asking for sub 3.0s. Lol disregard this I guess
  9. I believe it was early-mid Feb. It felt like it took them absolutely ages to make a decision.
  10. In today, already firm accepted elsewhere though. Good luck to all. CPGA 3.3, L2 3.7, LSAT 172
  11. In today as well, no email yet. Applied access. CGPA: 3.3 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 172 P.S. The whole process of applying to law school has been super stressful. I just want to thank everyone on this forum. I'm sure I would have blown a gasket if I didn't have you guys as a resource
  12. Mett is right. I called Western a little while back, they said another wave is coming soon.
  13. Hey all, I'm sure that, like me, a lot of you are super anxious about when the next round of acceptances is going to come out. I called Western today. They said the next wave would be sent out in a week at the earliest, two weeks at the latest. Good luck everyone!
  14. I think it could still be a while. I heard through a friend of a friend that a lot of law schools are running behind schedule this year. I think it has something to do with the change to a Jan lsat. I got the sense that the delay could last until April. This is totally unverified info though, so take it with a grain of salt.
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