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  1. Anyone still waiting on the non-maritime list? Also, if anyone is declining their offer, please post! Thanks!
  2. Hi, were you on the maritime or non-maritime waitlist?
  3. Sorry, I realized I probably posted in the wrong thread. I'm not on the waitlist. I haven't heard anything from UNB. No acceptance, decline or waitlist notification. I'm wondering if there is anyone else in this position or if they missed my application somehow. I applied in October and it's now mid-July...
  4. Has anyone else not heard anything. No acceptance, decline or waitlist and it's mid-July?
  5. Thanks, it was through an email from Leanne.
  6. I was just rejected off the waitlist today. Was waitlisted on April 17th L2: 3.1 LSAT: 160 I am surprised as I didn't expect there to be rejections from the waitlist this early. Really disappointed... :(
  7. I notice you're on the waitlist. Are you still able to apply for residence if you haven't been accepted?
  8. Has anyone been able to get hold of admissions? Wondering what's going on? When will waitlist start, etc.
  9. If you don't mind sharing, what were your stats? Thanks!
  10. When I emailed in October, the admission team confirmed with me that they take your most recent 60 undergraduate credits to calculate GPA.
  11. I studied using the LawSchooli guides and Powerscore bibles. Also 7sage game explanations. My last 3 PTs before the actual LSAT were 166, 167, 167. The LG section really got me.
  12. I'm really disappointed in my score, over 15 PTs the lowest I scored was a 162. Hopefully my stats are good enough to get in... You have a great GPA that could possibly offset your LSAT score. Good luck to you too!
  13. My GPA is 3.4 with drops. I have good recommendation letters, Co-op work experience at Non-profits and Federal government during undergrad. Now working with federal government. Do you think I have any chance?
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