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  1. Thanks for your advice! As an ESL student, I read fairly slowly, and never finished my reading in the past three months. My oral English is also far below the average Canadian, though I got 164 for LSAT. Now I even have no idea how I survived the first term. Probably I am yet to find the right direction for law school.
  2. What a relief! I was just wondering if I should drop out after the 1L Dec exams. I can hardly remember I've done any exams worse than the Dec exams in my life.
  3. There will be another 20~ members from discretionary category in late May.
  4. Just got in. I’m quite sure it’s not competitive as it was last year. You will definitely be admitted in the discretionary category! Hope to see you in UBC.
  5. Accepted just now International student cGPA 3.69(wes evaluation) without drops 83.1% with drops(self calculated) LSAT 164(Jan.)
  6. your prediction is quite plausible. One thing is that I got to know someone who has literally the same stats with me got in two days ago. He's also an international student, 163/3.72. Mine is 164/3.69, but I have not heard from the admission team yet.
  7. Thanks for your information. I think the online status will be changed soon. By the way, would you mind sharing your stats? did you confirm your cGPA?
  8. the same status Last week, I emailed them. They replied that they had not calculated my cGPA. I am wondering if they calculate cGPA in the sequence of LSAT score. By the way, my LSAT 164. Hope it helps
  9. Asian students need a higher SAT score and better cGPA to be admitted to elite colleges, but the admission officers can claim the admission is holistic and academic performance is just one factor. By the way, Asians are under-represented in legal profession in Canada, but I do not think being Asian increases the possibility of being admitted to law school.
  10. hope to see you in UBC By the way, how much does a law school generally charge for deposit?
  11. If you apply in the discretionary category, you probably will be informed in late May.
  12. Thanks for your reply. My transcript only contains A and B, which correspond to 4.0 and 3.0. I do not have any course with C (2.0), or D(1.0). According to JD brochure on their website http://www.allard.ubc.ca/sites/www.allard.ubc.ca/files/ubc-allardlawjdbrochurefinallow.pdf, "We use the same conversion scale used by the UBC Registrar’s Office. On that scale,4.0 is an 86%, 3.7 is an 80%, 3.0 is a 73%, 2.0 is a 60%. " My cGPA with drops is 3.77 If they just convert the cGPA with drops, mine would be ~81% If it is course-by-course conversion, my cGPA would be ~83.1% . I just sent the admission office to confirm my cGPA. My LSAT is 164, and I applied through the discretionary category.
  13. I am always wondering how they convert letter to percentage. Do they calculate course by course, say, A=86 B=73 Credit Grade percentile Course 1 2 A 86 Course 2 1 B 73 Course 3 2 A 86 cGPA in percentage =(2*86+1*73+2*86)/(2+1+2) or just convert the cGPA with drops to percentile?
  14. A new thread for those in the 2019 discretionary category. I think we have to wait until the end of May for any further information? My stats: cGPA with drops 83.11%(unconfirmed) / LSAT 164 But I found that applicants in discretionary category will also be considered in regular category. So if the index is competitive, can we expect an earlier offer?
  15. For cGPA calculation, does ubc take the ungraded courses(pass/fail) into account? Or those courses are included in the 12 credits drops?
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