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  1. Hello, I just finished my 3L exams. There is a good chance that I may secure an articling position in Ontario. Until last week I had never thought I would move to Ontario and article there so I was, and still am, clueless about the licensing process in ON. From what I can gather, the application due date was back in December, and if I were to register now I would just have to pay a small late fee. Is this correct, and can I still register for the licensing process? I haven't finalized the articling start date yet, but will likely be in July or August. And I am thinking of writing the barrister/solicitor exam in November. If I register now and get the study materials, lets say sometime in May, would it be enough time to study for and write the exams in November? Regarding fees. I am being considered for a paid position (though not much), but the firm will likely not cover the fees. When are the fees due? Also, does anyone have any experience with the monthly payment plan? How does it work, and what are the due dates? On LSO website it says "monthly payment plan enrollment due date for May start date" is April 8, 2019, and "monthly payment plan enrollment due date for October start date" is August 2, 2019. What are these May and October start dates? Articling start dates?? So confused... please help.
  2. Does anyone know if articling students are subject to the $15 minimum wage rate of Alberta? All I could find is that articling students are exempt from the sections of ESA pertaining to record keeping, overtime hours and overtime pay, but not specifically minimum wage rate. I'm guessing that articling students are subject to the minimum wage but just wanted to make sure.
  3. Thanks for the insight Whoknows. I know I should've started doing that long ago, like last summer, but at this point it feels like I simply don't have the time to do that. Also there's the fact that I've already sent my resumes to pretty much all the firms in my city that I really would like to work at. Arranging to set up coffee chats in different cities is a bit challenging..
  4. End of school is in about two months and I still don't have an article. Are there any 3Ls here that still haven't secured articling positions? Can we share what we are doing to find a position? I've been applying to small and medium sized firms starting in December. Mostly been relying on cold emailing because there just aren't that many postings for articling positions at this time and in this region (AB)- asking if they'd consider hiring an articling student and attaching my resume and transcripts. I applied to about 40 or so firms so far. Most of them were ignored and there were a couple of firms who said they'll keep my file in case they have a need for a student. I tried cold calling a few firms at first but found it ineffective as I usually got the voiceamail or had to leave message with the receptionists. What should I do at this point? Should I amp up the volume and cold apply to 200 lawyers all over the province that practice in areas I'm interested in? The stress is getting real and focusing on classes is getting more and more difficult..
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