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  1. If you want to reduce stress for 1L, I have a couple of ideas. 1. Develop an arsenal of useful recipes for 1L, depending on what "useful" means to you: cheap? quick? filling? bulk? a combination? I'm the type of person who defers to lazy eating habits under stress (bagels, frozen pizza, not eating...), as cooking seems like a daunting waste of time. In my second semester of 1L, meal prepping made a huge difference in my health and sense of well-being. I wish I'd been doing it from day one. 2. Build habits that will serve as coping mechanisms during periods of stress. Other users have mentioned mindfulness, meditation, and exercise, all of which are great ideas. Some people journal, play an instrument, craft, whatever. You may find it useful to explore grounding techniques for anxiety. Find something (ideally, more than one thing) and get into the habit of reaching for it when you get stressed out NOW so that it feels more natural to you when the stress ramps up in 1L. You'll be just fine if you begin your legal education on the first day of classes like everyone else. 😛
  2. I'd rather not say on the forum (DM if you want to know, though), but my interviewer seemed to be talking about all clinic offers. Makes sense if Allard has to coordinate the offers with student preference before issuing them? Not the best or most official information, but that's what I have. 🙂
  3. When I interviewed for one of the clinics, I was told that offers should go out in June.
  4. I declined my offer also. Good luck!
  5. My undergrad institution has me at an 86, but there are some transfer credits in there and I'm not sure how UBC dealt with them. Sorry if that's not helpful.
  6. Accepted! Got the call last Thursday. GPA: 3.8/4.0 before drops LSAT: 162 Applied January 15th--unbelievably quick turnaround. 😮
  7. Accepted January 18th! GPA: 3.8/4.0 before drops LSAT: 162 I applied December 1st, if that matters.
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