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  1. Definitely. I know someone who got an offer from the FC in May or June a few years ago. People who have the opportunity to choose between multiple offers from different courts will also delay the process. I just wanted to let everyone know what the judges told me.
  2. I was told by FC and FCA judges that both courts send out their offers simultaneously (i.e. it is possible to get an offer from both courts). The first offers are going out this Friday (presumably after SCC offers go out).
  3. Deux années passées, les premières offres d'admissions ont eu lieu quelques jours après la date limite (le 5 mars). J'ai été acceptée lors de la première ronde mais j'avais envoyé ma candidature vers la fin janvier/début février (alors la faculté avait déjà reçu tous mes documents; il pourrait autrement y avoir des délais pour l'envoi et la réception des relevés de notes, etc.).
  4. https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/programs/combined-programs/programme-droit-canadien
  5. It requires you to have an LL.L., not a JD. https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/programs/jd-national-program
  6. If you are enrolled in the French common law program, you must write all your assignments and exams in French (except in the up-to-five English courses you are allowed to take). https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/fr/etudiants/centre-etudiant/inscription/inscription-responsabilites-etudiants/reglements-scolaires#a20 (Règle 20.2(f))
  7. There is a construction law class offered in the French common law section.
  8. Programme de common law en français (French JD program)
  9. Ottawa used a course-by-course approach for 1Ls. Just not upper years.
  10. Also a 1L PCLF here (full time). I read every case and made my own outlines for all classes. However, I did not brief cases as I found it mostly a waste of time. Personally, I found the workload underwhelming and had plenty of time for doing other things.
  11. You have to take the same section in both fall and winter.
  12. Are students expected to move to Montréal even though most learning will be done remotely? (I'm not a McGill or U de M student, just genuinely curious.)
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