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  1. There is a construction law class offered in the French common law section.
  2. Programme de common law en français (French JD program)
  3. Ottawa used a course-by-course approach for 1Ls. Just not upper years.
  4. Also a 1L PCLF here (full time). I read every case and made my own outlines for all classes. However, I did not brief cases as I found it mostly a waste of time. Personally, I found the workload underwhelming and had plenty of time for doing other things.
  5. You have to take the same section in both fall and winter.
  6. Are students expected to move to Montréal even though most learning will be done remotely? (I'm not a McGill or U de M student, just genuinely curious.)
  7. Note that you don't need to write the LSAT to apply to and get accepted into the uOttawa French common law program (indeed, most students I know haven't written the LSAT). I am a current student in the French common law program. Feel free to PM me.
  8. Email from the uOttawa common law dean: "The Executive Committee of the Faculty has approved a plan that will give all students the ability to elect for a Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory option for their courses (or the option to proceed with their ordinary letter grade). Upper year students will have until the last day of classes to opt-out of the regular grading scheme and have all their courses graded on a Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory basis. Because of the unique nature of the 1L program, 1Ls will be offered slightly more flexibility and will not be required to elect for a blanket choice of Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory."
  9. Were the internships still at the interview stage or had the students already been selected/contracts signed? I'm really sorry this happened to you. Good luck with your job search.
  10. Il y a un groupe Facebook séparé pour le programme JD français mais nous pouvons aussi nous joindre au groupe général.
  11. I have met alumni from the program working in a variety of firms (large, mid-size, and small all over Ontario) as well as former federal and supreme court clerks. Those I have asked told me they did not feel at a disadvantage.
  12. You don't need to limit yourself to French firms. I have a number of friends who have graduated from the program and work almost exclusively in English.
  13. The email I received said you only had to choose 2 courses (I am in the French program so those 2 courses may vary from the English ones). I assume the others will be added to our schedule automatically. Check the email you received from the faculty.
  14. That is how I understand it. But I haven't started first year either so confirmation from a current student would be good.
  15. If you look at the footnote at the bottom of the timetables, it explains that the tutorials are not mandatory and are coordinated through the Common Law Student Centre. However, each tutorial appears to refer to a different course (look at the course code), so I would expect them to run four times a week (although possibly not every week, hoping a current student can chime in to confirm).
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