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  1. Has anyone heard anything about waitlist movement?
  2. This may be a dumb question, but I see that in the online application process for Scotia you have to list one bank account with the balance. I am a bit unsure of which bank account I use for this, as I have a couple (none with Scotia). Should I just list the account with the most funds? Or does this point not matter as much considering they will do credit check and such? I have no debt at all, no loans, and a fairly good credit score so I am hoping to negotiate to prime, or at least prime +.25 for Scotia (am a big fan of their repayment structure).
  3. The Fulton and Co. and the BC Law Foundation Awards have been given out? I see that just those two specify a spring notification date.
  4. Thank you! This makes sense as I saw that some of the applications don't open until August for entrance awards
  5. Does anyone know when entrance scholarships are awarded? Having some trouble navigating the website
  6. Rejected today L2 3.7/4 Lsat 160
  7. Waitlisted back in January cgpa: 3.58 L2: 3.7 160 lsat Good EC's and LORs
  8. Congratulations! How long did they give you to accept or decline the offer?
  9. Out of curiosity, how long did they give you to accept the offer?
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