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  1. Focus on your LSAT (the times right now are perfect for studying)! I got in this year to TRU and Ryerson with similar stats (both cgpa and L2) and a 164 on the LSAT. Graduated in 2017 and have been working full time since then (not law related). Good luck to both of you!
  2. Haven't calculated it exactly, but around a 3.3 🙂
  3. Accepted earlier today via email! CGPA: ~ 3.2 Lsat: 164 2 years full time government work experience. Applied early February.
  4. Thanks! Haven't calculated it but probably between 3.3 - 3.4
  5. So excited to be accepted! Got in March 9th according to RAMSS. CGPA: 3.2 LSAT: 164 Did my interview pretty late (don't think I even did it particularly well at all). 2 years full time work experience
  6. If you go through the western access code retrieval it will show you your user ID.
  7. Well LSATs pretty much the only thing I can improve on for next year so might as well try again. And no I only applied to Windsor
  8. Rejected just now. GPA: 3.2 LSAT: 159/162 guess ill I’ll be tackling the LSAT again!
  9. Have been pending review for forever, Submitted at the deadline date, wrote June Lsat but also the January. Also applying to JD/MBA program (so maybe they’re waiting for that application?), stats aren’t the greatest so I feel like I’m just waiting to get rejected at this point 😕
  10. Did anyone else get another email about the open house -“5 Reasons to attend Uwindsor Spring Open House”?
  11. Mine has also changed from “Referred for review” to pending review (never went to “referred - admissions committee”)
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