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  1. Accepted today 160, 80% L2 Extensive experience, strong LORs
  2. Accepted today 160, 80% L2 UBC Extensive experience, strong LORs
  3. From Vancouver and interested in criminal law. Would like to return to Vancouver after graduation. No idea which one to pick.
  4. Similarish question, if I am taking a single online course from TRU does this need to be reported/a transcript sent? The course will not finish until March.
  5. UofC has requested and received according to LSAC but on UofC site it still is listed as "to do"
  6. Thank you so much. I had missed the email and now looked and discovered they haven't received one letter of recommendation yet.
  7. I have already taken my LSAT. Not taking any future ones.
  8. Is that on the education planner BC page under submitted applications? Mine doesn't have a section for that just for date submitted.
  9. Is there anyway to confirm online that all of the documents have been received? Will we receive an email informing us the application has been completed or do we need to email admissions?
  10. Anyone have all of their items checked off? I submitted before November 1st and everything except LSAT scores has been moved off to-do list.
  11. I called and was told you should start to see completed items such as transcripts checked off on November 1st.
  12. L2 80% UBC, 160 LSAT 2x with significant work experience. Not quite sure how GPA transfers to UofC seen 2 different possibilities.
  13. I am trying to apply but Fall 2020 is not an option on the online application drop down menu. Anyone else having this issue? Are apps not open yet? figured it'd open sep 1st for the Nov 1st deadline.
  14. The term they'd be dropping into (which they need to to get my L2) was higher than my percentage grade. I will remove my GPA from the post until I can 100% confirm. The GPA I was given was not by the main lady so maybe they gave it to me wrong.
  15. I took most of my L2 at a percentage school but then took classes elsewhere where I had straight As. Yes I failed a credit/D/fail course in L2. Didn't think they'd count it though... The 3.56 was told to me verbally. I will update when I get a proper email from them.
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