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    Application Movement

    Can you share this information here for the rest of us who are curious and have same question
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    Just spoke to admissions who stated they do not release how they calculate GPA. I've seen about 2-3 possible methods they use detailed online (here and other forums) and there doesn't seem to be a consensus.
  3. Having a ton of trouble calculating my GPA to determine my chances and no one at UofA seems to be picking up the phone or responding. For my past 19 classes (57 credits) I was at UBC and have an average of 80% (UBC calls this an A-). I though this would mean I got a 3.7 at UofA but that would appear to not be the case? Prior to UBC I attend school in the US where my last semester I received 3xA and one A-. Additionally I took two classes as Pass/D/Fail at UBC and passed one failed the other, are these counted at all? To clarify I transferred to UBC for my last 57 credits, I have since graduated. LSAT 160, 160 (about 7 points lower than my timed practices) Do I have a shot at all? How would I determine my UofA GPA?